Industry Internship

Experiential learning is very valuable. Computer Science and Engineering undergraduate students can earn academic credit for a suitable industry internship. The steps for earning credit for an industry internship are as follows:

Step #1:

Obtain a suitable industry internship. To do this it is suggested that students register on Handshake with USF Career Services. Note that USF Career Services typically has two large career fairs every year with one day at each career fair dedicated to tech companies. Tech companies come to campus via USF CSE student groups – this includes a yearly resume review event and (typically) multiple speaking events made possible by the Computing Partners Program. It also suggested that students have up-to-date LinkedIn profiles and use services such as indeed.com. Read the CSE Student Newsletter (emailed to all upper-level CSE students several times per semester) for opportunities. Watch your email for student organization events.

Step #2:

Check for eligibility for credit. Computer Science and Computer Engineering students need to have completed CDA 3201 Logic Design and COP 4530 Data Structures. Cybersecurity and Information Technology students need to have senior standing. Complete the appropriate form and get a signature from a faculty member who will supervise your internship. Internship forms are found here.

Step #3:

Submit the completed form with your company offer letter to the CSE main office Department Office (ENB 342).

Step #4:

Your form and offer letter will be reviewed and approved if suitable.  The position must minimally meet the NACE definition of "What is an Internship". As noted on the form, a suitable internship must minimally meet all of the following criteria.

  1. The offer letter should state "intern" or "internship"
  2. The company should have at least 10 employees in the domain of the student's major
  3. Assigned duties must be in the domain for the student’s major
  4. Minimum of 10 hours/week for fall and spring semesters, 15 hours/week for Summer C semester
  5. Internship should be fully in-office or hybrid with weekly in-office, cannot be purely online

Step #5:

The Department Office will register you for CIS 4940 or CIS 4947 if approved in step #4. Please note that this process can take five to seven days. 

Note for Computer Science and Computer Engineering students:

A student is allowed to count as Departmental elective credit a maximum of six (6) hours of CIS 4940 and/or any other supervised individual study (including CIS 4900 and CIS 4915) for S/U grade. A student may take no more than 3 hours of CIS 4940 in a single company unless explicit permission from their supervising professor. To qualify for CIS 4940, Computer Science and Computer Engineering students should have assigned duties in software and/or hardware development.

Note for Cybersecurity and Information Technology students:

A maximum of nine (9) hours combined of COP 4900 Independent Study and CIS 4947 Industry Internship for Information Technology are allowed as Department Elective credit, with no more than 3 hours in any one given company for CIS 4947 credit. To qualify for CIS 4947, Cybersecurity students should have assigned duties in the area of cybersecurity, Information Technology students should have assigned duties in the area of IT systems.