Programming Resource Center


The Programming Resource Center is located in ENB 216.

Coronavirus update: All TAs are now online - your course instructor should explain to you how to connect with the TAs in your course. TA office hours are being held online now. There are no TAs present in the ENB 216 PRC at this time.

What is the Programming Resource Center?
The CSE Programming Resource Center (PRC) is comprised of two cubicles in the back corner of ENB 216 (Software and Systems Lab). Teaching Assistants from Programming Concepts (COP 2510), IT Programming Fundamentals (COP 2512), IT Object Oriented Programming (COP 2513), Program Design (COP 3514), Advanced Program Design (COP 3515), Object Oriented Design (COP 3331), and Data Structures (COP 4530), IT Data Structures (COP 4538) staff the PRC  to provide programming assistance to all CSE students in these  courses. The TAs staffing the PRC may also be able to help students with programming assignments in other classes. Please note that the TA for your class is always the best resource for help.

Who can utilize the PRC resources?
If you are a student in a department undergraduate class, you are welcome to come to the PRC for help with programming questions. Please note that the TA for your class is always the best resource for help.

Does this replace the help I can get from the Teaching Assistant for my class?
This does not replace the help you get from the TA for your class but may instead supplement this help. Please note that the PRC staff will very likely not be familiar with the specific assignments from your class in the same way as your class TA will be.

How can I get access to ENB 216?
Visit here.

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