Course Registration and Permits

Class Schedules

Please check the Schedule Planner in OASIS for the latest course schedules, times, and locations for the current semester. For classroom information and independent study/thesis/directed research and dissertation hour information, refer to the Schedule Planner in OASIS.

Registration for CSE courses

Courses offered by Computer Science and Engineering are restricted to students with a major or pre-major code in one of the four (4) undergraduate programs: Computer Science (CS), Computer Engineering (CpE), Information Technology (IT), or Cybersecurity (CyS). Registration priority is given to students declared in one of these four (4) undergraduate majors.

Note: Registration override requests for non-majors including non-degree-seeking students are typically considered during the add-drop week after Departmental majors have registered, assuming there is available space and the requestor has met the appropriate prerequisites.

What is a permit?

Some courses require permission from the Department to register, in other words, a permit. Details about the CSE courses requiring a permit are listed below. An inability to register for a particular course does not necessarily indicate that a permit is required. You may encounter a Pre-requisite Test Score Error when the registration system does not recognize your prerequisite, co-requisite, exam credit, or minimum standardized test score necessary for the course for which you are trying to register.

A Field-of-Study restriction occurs when your major code does not allow registration. Non-major students often encounter a Field-of-Study restriction when attempting to register for CSE courses. If you are unable to register, take note of the registration-add error message displayed in OASIS and contact your advisor. Students admitted to CSE should contact your advisors, John Morgan or Marjorie Fontalvo, with the specific error message.

CSE Permits

Permits: Computer Science & Computer Engineering

COP 3514, CDA 3103, and CIS 4250

Permits: Information Technology

CIS 4935 and CIS 4253

Permits: Cybersecurity (Contact John or Marjorie)

CIS 4935, ISM 4323, and LIS 4414

Pre-Computer Science and Pre-Computer Engineering students should contact an advisor in Engineering Student Services for registration assistance with COP 2510. Pre-CS and Pre-CpE students should also see the resources available here.

Pre-Information Technology and Pre-Cybersecurity students should contact an advisor in Engineering Student Services for registration assistance with CGS 1540, COP 2512, or COP 2513. Pre-IT and Pre-CyS students should also see the resources available here.

CSE Courses Open to All Majors

CGS 2060 (not for department majors)

Note: Permit requests are term-specific and do not roll over to future terms.