Course Registration and Permits

Class Schedules

Please check the Student Schedule Search Planner in OASIS for the latest course schedules, times, and locations for the current semester. 

Registration for CSE courses

Courses offered by Computer Science and Engineering are restricted to students with a major code in one of the four (4) undergraduate programs: Computer Science (CS), Computer Engineering (CpE), Cybersecurity (CyS), Information Technology (IT). Registration priority is given to students declared as a major in one of these four (4) undergraduate majors.

CSE Permits?

Details about the CSE courses requiring a permit are listed below. Note that CSE advisors cannot issue overrides or permits for courses offered by other departments.

If you are unable to register for a CSE course apart from those listed below, take note of the registration error message displayed in OASIS and contact your advisor. Students in the lower level should contact an Engineering Student Services advisor. Student in the upper level should contact John Morgan or Marjorie Fontalvo. Be sure to have with you the specific error message.

Note: Permit are term-specific and do not roll over to future terms.

Permits: Computer Science & Computer Engineering

CIS 4250

Permits: Information Technology

CIS 4935 and CIS 4253

Permits: Cybersecurity

CIS 4935

Note: ISM 4323, and LIS 4414 are offered by other units at USF and require permission from the advisor