This page contains announcements from the undergraduate advising staff. These are very important notices regarding key deadlines and course offerings for all four undergraduate degree programs. If you have any questions, please contact John Morgan.

All programs

Spring 2020 and Summer 2020 Graduation Checklists are due November 1st, 2019

Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering

CDA 4213 CMOS VLSI Design and Lab are available in Fall 2019 only
CDA 4203 Computer System Design and Lab are available in Spring 2020 only

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

No announcements at this time

Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity

CIS 3615 Secure Software Development is available in Fall 2019 and not planned for Spring 2020
CNT 4403 Network Security and Firewalls is available in Fall 2019 and not planned for Spring 2020
CIS 4622 Hands-on Cybersecurity has an updated number (formerly listed as CIS 4366)
CIS 4622 will be available in Spring 2020. It is not planned for another term in 2020. If you plan to graduate in 2020, you must take it in Spring 2020
CIS 4200 Penetration Testing will be offered in Spring 2020 but it is not planned for Fall 2020

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

CIS 4253 IT Ethics is a face-to-face course starting Fall of 2019