This page contains important announcements from the undergraduate advising staff in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering. This includes important notices, catalog changes, key deadlines, and course offerings for all four undergraduate degree programs. If you have any questions, please contact John Morgan, Marjorie Fontalvo, or Stacey Sepulveda.

For important information on the graduation process and deadlines please see here. For advising, students should schedule an appointment via Archivum Student Portal but we suggest you  use walk-in advising during peak advising periods. 

Academic advising is available face-to-face or virtually through Teams in accordance with the posted schedule. Please see the schedule here. The schedule includes walk-in hours.

The following changes from the previous catalog year appear in the 2024-25 catalog.

  • Computer Science: One CSE elective moved to General Electives.
  • Computer Engineering: No changes
  • Cybersecurity: Courses removed from required list are: CGS 3303 IT Concepts, CIS 3363 IT Systems Security, CEN 3722 HCI for IT, CGS 3853 Web Systems for IT, and CIS 4935 IT Senior Project. Prerequisite changes are: CGS 1540 is prereq for CIS 3213, COP 3515 is prereq for CIS 4622, MAD 2104, COP 2513, and CIS 3213 are prereq for CIS 4219. Elective hours increased.
  • Information Technology: Courses removed from the required listed are CGS 3303 IT Concepts, CEN 3722 HCI for IT, and CIS 4935 IT Senior Project. Also, LDR 2010 replaces INR 3033. Prerequisite changes are: CGS 1540 is prereq for CIS 3213, COP 2512 is prereq for CIS 3433, and COP 3515 is prereq for CGS 3853. Elective hours increased.

Flowcharts and eight-semester plans for 2024-25 are here: 

Curriculum changes were made to streamline the respective programs to enable faster graduation and to enable students to have a greater number of elective hours to pursue specialized interests. Required courses that have been removed from the 2024-25 catalog already taken under an older catalog can be used for electives in the 2024-25 catalog. See an advisor for more information.


  • No notes. 

IMPORTANT NOTES FOR Computer Engineering

  • CDA 4213/4213L CMOS VLSI Design and lab are offered in the fall only.
  • CDA 4203/4203L Computer System Design and lab are offered in spring only.



  • CNT 4603 System Administration and Maintenance for IT is offered in the fall semester only.
  • CIS 4083 Cloud Computing will be offered in fall semester only starting in fall 2024.
  • CIS 3433 System Integration and Architecture will be offered in spring semester only starting in spring 2025.
  • As of Spring 2022, CIS 4253 IT Ethics is no longer offered, students should take LIS 4414 Information Policy and Ethics in its place. A permit is required as space is limited. Suggest to take this course in the senior year.