About the Institute


Electronic equipment


Work stations


3D render and IAE HQ


University Mall HQ Facility

  • Hosts research and support staff
  • Structural and electronic rapid prototyping, RF signal analysis, satellite ground control, servers, etc.
  • 4069 sq ft - CUI

Secure Facility

  • Rapid prototyping equipment and server room
  • Classified network in place connecting Institute with DoD
  • 1900 sq ft – TS/SCI/SAP

Rapid Experimentation Lab

REL Facility

REL Grand Opening Ribbon Cutting

This 8000 sq ft lab will provide the necessary infrastructure, tools and collaborative environment to enable the curious and inspired to design, build and test technologies for today and tomorrow. More than just a makerspace, the REL is a playground for mechanical, electronics, sensors, communications, and software teams to quickly iterate on designs to solve problems, invent new products and rapidly deliver cutting-edge capabilities.