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USF opens cutting-edge lab aimed at rapidly providing military solutions

The University of South Florida today opened a cutting-edge lab aimed at providing quick, innovative solutions to the different challenges facing the U.S. Department of Defense.

March 22, 2024Featured News

Institute of Applied Engineering

USF's new Rapid Experimentation Lab helps US military

ABC Action News got an inside look at the fully functioning lab ahead of its grand opening. The lab has everything from welding to laser manufacturing, and several 3D printers are set up.

March 22, 2024Featured News, IAE In the News

University of South Florida: A Preeminent Research University

USF engineers team up with HBCUs to help close gap

The University of South Florida recently joined the Tougaloo College Research and Development Foundation. It’s a network of universities collaborating with 13 different HBCUs.

January 15, 2024IAE In the News

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