Industrial and Management Systems Engineering

FAQ's: Fall 2020 IMSE Classes

Frequently Asked Question about your Fall 2020 IMSE Classes

Students: Please revisit this FAQ as it will be continuously updated as needed by adding new questions and answers

 If you are a continuing or incoming international student, please look into the International Student Services (ISS) FAQs. 

Q. How can I know if a course will be in-class, online, or hybrid?

A. Please check OASIS schedule of classes. 

Q. How can I know the details/requirements for taking a specific course (lectures, exams, etc.)?

A. Please check the course page on Canvas or contact the course instructor. 

Q. I am not sure about the meanings of the various methods of our fall course offerings.

A. See the table below that was designed for students and provides an Overview of the Course Modalities and excellent summary definition for each modality.

 Fall 2020 Class Chart

 [For accessibility, view this online table. ]

Q. If I register in course sections numbered like 701, 702, ... will I be charged a distance learning fee?

A.  All course sections (irrespective of their section numbers) for which meeting days and times are assigned will not be charged a distance learning fee.

Q. If I am registered in a hybrid course section, will I be able to attend the class fully online?

A. Yes, you can. However, you are highly encouraged to attend as many or ALL of the synchronous class sessions via Microsoft TEAMS/Blackboard that IMSE faculty members will have for their classes, irrespective of the modalities of the classes.