UCEM Advisory Committees

Council of Deans

Council of Deans (College of Engineering, College of Arts and Sciences, Office of Graduate Studies and others) reviews annual progress reports of the UCEM and provide advocacy for university and private resources to support sustainability.  It will meet once a year and hold at least one teleconference during the year to discuss the UCEM’s progress.

Eric Eisenberg, Ph.D.
Professor and Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

Dwayne Smith, Ph.D.
Professor and Senior Vice Provost
Dean, Office of Graduate Studies

Inclusive Excellence Board

Inclusive Excellence Board is charged with advising the UCEM on its strategic mission of fostering student well-being and improving institutional climate.  Specifically, it monitors the progress, outcomes and impact of the UCEM in creating synergy between institutional support offices (Office of Graduate Studies, USF Counseling Center, Diversity, Inclusion and Equal Opportunity) and external partners.  It meets once per semester (on-campus or virtually).

Ruth Bahr, Ph.D.
Professor and Associate Dean
Office of Graduate Studies

Scott Strader, Ph.D.
Director, USF Counseling Center

Lawrence Morehouse, Ph.D.
President & CEO, Florida Education Fund

External Advisory Board

External Advisory Board (EAB) provides advocacy on local, state, and national fundraising initiatives for the UCEM.  The EAB will submit annual reports to the Vice President of Advancement and Office of the President on the UCEM’s progress in achieving fundraising milestones.  It will meet semi-annually (on-campus and virtually).