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Scott Strader

Scott StraderDue to administrative responsibilities, the Director is rarely able to meet with students on an ongoing basis for counseling.
Scott Strader, PhD, Licensed Psychologist and Director

Pronouns:  He/Him/His

Languages in which I conduct therapy: English

My approach to therapy: I am a White, cisgender, gay man, who has worked in college counseling for the past 16 years, following a ten-year career in community-based mental health services.  As a therapist, I value the diverse identities we all bring to our work, and believe that each individual has inherent dignity, worthy of appreciation and celebration.  My approach to therapy and leadership is collaborative and strengths-based, working with others to find optimal solutions to improving functioning and well-being.  Our cultures shape our identities, our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, and should always be considered when discussing how to best manage and overcome the challenges we face. 

My approach to supervision: Supervision must be developmentally focused, and looks different depending on the trainees’ competencies and past experiences.  Working collaboratively to develop shared goals and expectations, I focus on enhancing the skills, attitudes, and confidence clinicians need to provide quality care, supervision, and community outreach.  One of the distinct honors of my work is the opportunity to participate in developing the next generation of mental health practitioners and leaders.
Professional Affiliations: 
Association for University and College Counseling Center Directors (AUCCCD)
American Psychological Association (Div. 44) 
Fun Fact: I can sometimes spontaneously break into Broadway show tunes, and believe that Broadway has an answer for everything.