Guidelines for Information Interviews with Clinicians

The information below is specific to services at the Tampa campus. Please visit the websites for St. Petersberg Wellness Center and Sarasota-Manataee Counseling & Wellness Center for campus-specific services.

The Counseling Center is pleased to serve the USF community as consultants on mental health issues, and on the profession of mental health counseling, social work, and psychology. We can offer insights, experiences and expertise on a wide variety of concerns, and also serve as models for USF students wishing to pursue careers in mental health fields. Due to the nature of our work assisting students with managing and improving their mental health functioning, we ask that those USF students wanting to speak with a member of our staff for class related informational interviews follow these guidelines:

  1. Please make your request to speak with us early in the assignment process. We often require at least 10 business days to schedule an informational interview, even longer during the busier times of the semester (October-November and March-April). Should you make your request less than 10 business days before your assignment is due, we may not be able to find time to meet with you.
  2. Please email the Counseling Center on Tampa campus with your request, be as specific as possible with the requirements of your assignment.
    • Do you need to speak with a counselor from a specific discipline?
    • What is the purpose of your assignment?
    • How long do you expect the interview to take?
    • What time(s) are you available for the interview?
    • Please include a list of questions with your email request. This will help us adequately prepare for the interview, allow for more complete and detailed responses to your questions, and help your time with us to be as efficient as possible.
  3. Please arrive (or virtually check-in) promptly (or even early!) for your interview. If you arrive late, we may not be able to meet with you because of other scheduled appointments or meetings.
  4. We recommend recording the interview on your phone or a digital recorder, so you can easily review our responses to your questions, and ensure that you are quoting us accurately. This also allows the interview time to be more efficient, as you do not have to worry about transcribing our responses word for word during our meeting.
  5. We will respond to your initial request within 2 business days of receipt, letting you know whether we can accommodate your request.

Thank you for your interest in talking with us. We are happy to work with you so you can learn more about us and our work.