What We Do


Individual Counseling

We offer free and confidential counseling to currently registered students for a broad range of personal, emotional, and psychological concerns, and we offer these services in-person as well as via secure video conferencing. Learn more about what counseling is and how to get started.

Group Counseling

The Counseling Center is providing both in-person and online therapy groups, daily online drop-in workshops, and Chat & Connect support spaces. The group program offerings are designed to assist students with managing mental health and personal concerns while learning coping skills and gaining support from peers. Check out our latest group program flyer or visit the daily drop-in workshops page for more information:

Relationship Counseling

Struggling in your romantic relationship? If you and your partner(s) are students, click here to learn how we may be able to help

Student Eligibility and Rights

All currently registered USF students who have paid the Tampa campus student health fee are eligible for Counseling Center services. Students have a right to professional and ethical services at the Counseling Center.


We adhere to professional, legal, and ethical guidelines established by the State of Florida, Professional organizations, and federal laws. Your counseling information will not be disclosed to anyone outside the Center's professional staff and/or the psychiatric staff of the Student Health Services without your written permission.