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Group Schedule SPRING 2019

Group counseling sessions offer an opportunity for you to meet others who have  similar experiences and who also want to pursue personal growth. Group counseling is a very effective way to learn about yourself and how others see you. In the supportive atmosphere of the group, you also may experiment with new, more rewarding ways of relating to people.

We have different types of groups depending on what you hope to get out of the experience. Group counseling is on a space-available basis to registered students. Most groups have 5-8 members and meet once a week. Click here to view the Spring 2019 groups. If you are interested in joining a group call 813-974-2831 to get started.

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Drop-In Groups

Come as often as you like. Drop-in groups are open to all registered USF students.

Distress Tolerance • Tuesdays 5-6pm 
Do you feel overwhelmed from intense emotional pain, have difficulty maintaining strong relationships with others, or find it difficult to stay present throughout the semester? Nobody asks for negative thoughts or emotions, but we all have to find ways to tolerate them. With distress tolerance skills, you can acknowledge what’s outside your control, find ways to calm yourself, and take steps towards a more valued life.

Mindfulness Meditation • Wednesdays 11am-12pm
Learn and practice the basics of meditation including mindfulness, calm breathing, body scans, progressive muscle relaxation, and guided imagery.

International Student Conversation Hour • Wednesdays 3:30-4:30pm
This group seeks to provide a supportive and affirming space for international students to share about experiences and challenges adjusting to USF and US culture. Topics are taken from participants and can include the following: Homesickness, culture shock, making friends, communication etiquette, accessing healthcare services, family expectations, career anxiety/post-graduation plans, and use of campus resources.

Emotional Expression Through Art • Wednesdays 5-6pm
A picture is worth a thousand words. Come draw, paint, color, or construct art to express, decompress, and reduce stress. Discover your masterpiece by engaging in self-expression through creating art.

Relationship Reality • Fridays 3-4pm
What do “The Bachelor,” “Temptation Island,” and “First Dates” have in common? They’re all full of dating and relationship don’ts. Join us at the Counseling Center for a discussion on how to make sure that your dating life doesn’t end up looking like a reality TV show.

Move Forward • Wednesdays 2:30-3:30pm – Jan 23rd; Feb 13th; Mar 6th; April 3rd; April 24th
Do you have difficulty managing the stress, anxiety, depression, or interpersonal relationships in your life? This dynamic rotating 3-week seminar is a crash course in teaching reliance skills to make the most out of your time at USF and in counseling. These skills will help you be more present with your experiences, learn how to let go of unnecessary thoughts and feelings, clarify your values, and take action to move towards a valued and better life.