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The USF Counseling Center offers short-term, goal-oriented counseling. While you wait for your first appointment, here are some ways you can make progress on your mental health.

If this is urgent, get help now.

If you are experiencing a crisis and need urgent help, don’t wait! Counselors are available to speak with you using our 24-hour number, (813) 974-2831. To speak with a licensed counselor after hours, press 3. If you are experiencing a mental health emergency, please contact 911 or an emergency mental health service in your local community.

Our Response to the COVID-19 pandemic

The Counseling Center will continue to provide essential mental health services to students during the time that classroom instruction has been moved online.

Attend a daily "Group"

*As part of our response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the USF Counseling Center group program has temporarily gone virtual!* The Counseling Center is providing online therapy groups, daily online drop-in workshops, and Chat & Connect support spaces. The virtual group program offerings are designed to assist students with managing mental health and personal concerns while learning coping skills and gaining support from peers.

National Resources - Coping During COVID-19

We encourage students to take action to cope effectively with the anxiety and sadness that may accompany this disruption to our everyday lives. We urge you to access the following resources to learn more about the potential emotional impact this may be having on you, and how you can best manage your feelings and responses.

Access online tools & apps whenever you need

You can use USF online mental health resources, which are specifically designed for college students. Therapy Assisted Online (TAO) is a free app (Android, iPhone, Computer) for USF students. TAO is confidential, convenient, and controlled by you. TAO is designed to help you understand and improve your mental health, including anxiety, depression, relationship, and substance use concerns. TAO includes meditation videos you can use anytime to help

Meditations, education, modules, & more

In addition to TAO, these apps are available for Android and iPhone for a fee, and provide guided meditations to help you calm tension and anxiety.

Mental health information

Academic Skills

We offer study resources on campus if you are struggling with academics.

Learn Mental Health Skills

Here are some non-USF services that can be of help to you.

Want long-term counseling?

Maybe you have a history of counseling, and know that you benefit from a long-term relationship with a provider, or have done short-term in the past, and really want to see someone for weekly, on-going counseling. That’s great. You can check with your insurance company or search their websites for providers, or check out the resources below. No insurance or cannot afford your co-pays? Check out the Open Path website below for providers who can se