Top Concerns

First Year at USF

Welcome to college! Attending college is a major life transition. Some are excited to take on the new experience, while others feel hesitant about the change, but nearly all students encounter challenges they didn't anticipate.

Emergency & Safety


Living on your own for the first time means you can take charge and manage your daily life with little input from others. This can be exciting and also overwhelming. You must make choices about when and how to study, hang out with friends, join clubs and activities, and handle finances. You'll need to make time to eat, sleep and exercise. You'll also be accountable for yourself and your decisions both in and out of the classroom.

New people, places, and things

College brings a unique opportunity to interact with students, faculty and staff from various backgrounds and cultures. As a new student, you'll need to adjust new surroundings and relate to new and unfamiliar people. Living with a roommate with different values, interests and beliefs can be challenging. Navigating these relationships in a respectful and responsible way will be a valuable learning experience for life. Visit the Office of Multicul

Familiar people, places and things

Leaving behind family, friends loved ones, and/ or a romantic partner can be stressful. It's normal to feel some degree of sadness and loneliness, especially if you find that these relationships change. You may sever old ties or deepen existing ones If are experiencing loneliness, think about joining an organization. There are more than 500 on campus. Here are some activities and resources to help with your adjustment.

Feeling overwhelmed

College is an endurance test, not a sprint, and finding a healthy balance between school and leisure time is critical for success. Make time for yourself. Schedule your time wisely. Get plenty of sleep, eat well, and get some fresh air or exercise. Determining your reason for a college education will motivate you and help you figure out your priorities.