Feel Better Now

Feel Better Now

Guided Relaxation

With patience and practice, you can develop relaxation techniques to lower your stress levels and remain calm in tense situations. Each of these videos can help to decrease your tension now, improve your energy and concentration, and prepare you for the day ahead.

Therapy Assisted Online

TAO is an online library of engaging, interactive resources to learn life skills and to help you bounce back from disappointments and handle common stumbling blocks in life. TAO includes educational modules, assessments to track your progress, a mindfulness library, and more!

Be Mindful

Instead of getting lost in thought or emotion, stay aware and grounded in the present moment. Learning mindfulness with these links can help your ability to focus, be happier, and have better relationships.

Tackle Your Thinking

Did you know that what we think influences how we feel and behave? Use these links to help identify and change your unhelpful thinking habits.

Cultivate Happiness

Explore ways to increase your happiness, discover the power of gratitude, take a free personal character strengths assessment, and get tips on how to live your life well.

Communities of Hope

Together we are stronger than when we are alone. In times of challenge, it is helpful to know that there are others who have been through similar challenges.

Live a Healthy Lifestyle

Your physical and mental wellness are linked. Explore campus resources that will help you be a better BULL.

Form Connections with Togetherall

Togetherall is an online peer-to-peer platform, offering a safe space to connect with others experiencing similar feelings. Plus, there are always trained professionals on hand, 24/7, 365 days a year. And, if sharing isn’t your thing, Togetherall has tools and courses to help you look after yourself, along with plenty of resources to explore.