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On-line Test Proctoring

In Spring 2016, USF launched Proctorio, a fully automated online proctoring solution enabling faculty to administer Canvas-based online quizzes and exams.  Faculty utilizing online proctoring will need to include a statement within their syllabus notifying students a webcam (with a microphone) will be required.  Innovative Education is offering workshops to faculty who are interested.  To find out more about online proctoring, register for a workshop and get a sample of the syllabus statement, go to Innovative Education Online Proctoring.


Test Proctoring for Academic Integrity Education

Students that violate academic integrity are required to complete an on-line tutorial about academic integrity and ways to avoid cheating.  Students are required to enroll with an online provider for the academic integrity tutorial first, and then to schedule a proctoring appointment at USF Testing Services in NEC 116 to complete the on-line tutorial. The tutorial will take approximately 60 to 75 minutes to complete.  The cost to access the tutorial is $55 and is paid online; Testing Services charges $25 an hour  to proctor the tutorial; an additional fee is charged for additional time.  Once payment is made and within 48 hours, the student will receive all the information needed to log on and access the tutorial.