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The Office of Undergraduate Studies is committed to supporting first-generation (first-gen) college student success. What does it mean to be a first-generation college student? You are a first-gen student if neither parent or guardian has completed a bachelor’s degree in the United States.

Common Challenges for First-Gen Students

Being first-generation can be challenging at times and you may not know where to turn. Having support and guidance is crucial to your success. Often students just need someone to listen and help them understand and navigate the college environment. By meeting with your first-gen success coach, all your doubts and worries can subside. You will be able to create a solid plan for success, have someone in your corner, and be even more connected to USF!

Being First-Gen is Great!

  • You are a part of a large network of other first-gen students who all want to succeed!
  • You have overcome many unique challenges to be here and you should be very proud of yourself for doing so.
  • You want better for your future and you are working hard to achieve your goals.
  • You already have so many skills that the average student is still developing due to your strength and perseverance to pave a better path for yourself.
  • It was your drive that led you here.
  • Be proud of your spot here on campus, you earned it and you deserve to be here!
  • First-gen students are awesome – remember that.

Stay Connected

Join the First-Gen Community on BullsConnect! The First-Gen Community is a support network for first-generation undergraduate students at the University of South Florida. This group will provide students resources, connections, and support to successfully navigate their college journey. This is also a space to build community and friendships.




As first-generation students, you have access to CareerSpring. This is a website where first-generation college students can access additional career support, job opportunities, one-on-one sessions with people in their fields, and more.


CareerSpring is sponsored by the Office of Undergraduate Studies and the Center for Career and Professional Development.


USF Proud to be a First-Generation Student Support Fund (USF Fund #590116)

Support the dreams and ambitions of first-generation college students by clicking the button below to donate. First-generation students are breaking new ground, often without the financial resources or guidance that others may take for granted. Your donation can provide crucial support, opening doors to opportunities that transform lives and communities.