Preventing Dishonesty

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What is plagiarism and how can I avoid it? What are some strategies I can use to help my students understand and avoid plagiarism?

All students new to USF will need to take the "Academic Intregrity and Plagiarism" module in Canvas. It can be accessed here: https://usflearn.instructure.com/courses/1423544

Your enrollment should be automatic, and once you finish the module, you will be de-enrolled. Know that you'll have an "IT Hold" on your account, preventing registration in future semesters, if you haven't completed this course!

To complete the course,

  1. Read the first module (the quiz won't open until you read it)
  2. Take the quiz and pass with a score of 8/10 or better
  3. Click the link to remove the hold on the Home page

If you have any questions, email acadintegrity@usf.edu

Explore these additional USF-produced resources to help answer your questions about plagiarism.