Office of Financial Aid

Enrollment Status Descriptions for Financial Aid

Enrollment statuses are the same for every semester: fall, spring, and summer.

(course level 1000 - 4999)

(course level >= 5000)
Full-time: 12 or more undergraduate credit hours.

3/4 time: 9-11 undergraduate credit hours.

1/2 time: 6-8 undergraduate credit hours.

Full-time: 9 or more graduate/professional credit hours.

3/4 time: 7-8 graduate/professional credit hours.

1/2 time: 5-6 graduate/professional credit hours.

Things to be aware of regarding enrollment:

  • Must be an active degree seeking student
  • Most financial aid awards require at least half-time attendance and many programs require full-time attendance.
  • Grants, including Federal Pell Grant, are offered based on full-time enrollment; however, actual amount disbursed is based on enrolled credits at the end of drop/add. Some grants will pay for full-time status only, others will pro-rate for part-time status. Check the minimum credit hours on the Aid Types page.
  • USF awards are prorated based upon actual USF hours enrolled.
  • Once you have passed a course, you can take the course one more time and it can count in your hours enrolled for receipt of federal aid and USF Grants.
  • Courses taken on an audit basis do not count in determining your enrollment status for financial aid.
  • If you have both undergraduate and graduate/professional level classes, check the multi-level enrollment page for more information.
  • If you will be enrolled at another school as an undergraduate student, review the information here.