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Global FKL Team

Maryellen Allen (Assistant Director for Instructional Services, USF Library)
Ross Andel (Associate Professor, School of Aging Studies, College of Behavioral and Community Sciences)
Abdool Aziz (Senate President Pro-Tempore, Student Government)
Jeff Cunningham (Associate Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering, College of Engineering)
Pat Jones (Associate Professor, Teaching and Learning, College of Education)
Karla Davis-Salazar (Associate Dean, Undergraduate Studies)
Autumn Mueller (Director of Advising, College of Arts and Sciences)
Scott Rimbey (Senior Instructor, Mathematics, College of Arts and Sciences)

Meeting Packet from January 23, 2015
Meeting Packet from September 18, 2014
Meeting Packet from September 4, 2014
Meeting Packet from August 22, 2014