Operation: Global Action

Operation: Global Action (OGA) is a non-traditional co-curricular experience, modeled after the Grand Challenges program at the University of Exeter with whom we have developed a partnership over the past three years. Due to COVID-19, we have developed a  virtual version of Operation: Global Action for undergraduate students to produce projects and participate in an interdisciplinary, immersive, and innovative experience, focused on global issues related to the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals. During the program, students choose a Challenge (global issue) based on their interests, and join an inquiry group led by OGA Facilitator.

Students will have the opportunity to conduct problem-solving research and work in interdisciplinary teams on global career readiness in this remote version of Operation: Global Action. You will be preparing to be global leaders by developing proposals for innovative products, ideas, and inventions related to the world’s most complex challenges. This is a great opportunity to build impressive resume experiences, and gain transcript recognition to enhance employability and graduate school prospects. 

The 2022 OGA has concluded. The next section is scheduled for Summer 2023.