Operation: Global Action

Operation: Global Action (OGA) is a non-traditional co-curricular experience, modeled after the Grand Challenges program at the University of Exeter with whom we have developed a partnership. During the COVID-19 pandemic when students could not travel abroad, we developed a  virtual version of Operation: Global Action for undergraduate students to produce projects and participate in an interdisciplinary, immersive, and innovative experience focused on global issues related to the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals. The virtual program was so popular, we are continuing it.

OGA is a FREE four-week virtual high impact practice learning experience focused on global issues. This year's theme is Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. You will be preparing to be global leaders by developing proposals for innovative products, ideas, and inventions related to the world’s most complex challenges.

All students earn a Global Innovator certificate after successful completion of the program.This is a great opportunity to build impressive resume experiences, and gain transcript recognition to enhance employability and graduate school prospects. 


Congratulations to the winning teams, and to all our global innovators who participated in Summer 2023 Operation: Global Action (OGA) program. This virtual intercultural experience took place from June 5th to 30th and included students from interdisciplinary majors at USF and UniNorte, Colombia.  This was our 8th cohort of students since April 2020 and we now have over 800 students who have completed the experience. Following successful completion of this global high impact practice, a note of Operation: Global Action Innovator is added to student transcripts.

It is not an easy task to collaborate across different disciplines, cultures, and time zones. However, all student participants took on this challenge and we are proud of their problem-based and innovative projects.

Here are the winners: 

OGA 1st place

Congratulations to The Bubli Adventure team!

#1st Place: The Bubli Adventure 

Inquiry Team: Sabrina Atiq, Juan Manuel Cuadros Palacio, David Ramirez, Vy Pham

Facilitator: Ms. Chloe Mikolasik

This group of USF and Universidad del Norte, Colombia students collaborated together to create a comic book and website to help elementary school students. Bubli is the superhero of the story and is personalized by the reader, enabling them to relate to their life experiences.

Website: Bubli's Adventure , Comic: BUBLI´s Language Adventure 

OGA 1st place

Congratulations to the Chapter Her team!

Runner-up: Chapter Her

Inquiry Team: Isabella Osorio, Estefanía Gualtero, Jasmin Pruthi and Carlyah Santo 

Facilitator: Dr. Nazek Jawad

This group of USF and Universidad del Norte, Colombia students collaborated together to create a project called, "Teaching Gender Equality Through Literature." Students created a website and a literature-based curriculum specifically for grades 6-8 with books on gender equality in both English and Spanish.

Website: Chapter Her

Congratulations to all our global innovators on a successful completion of Operation: Global Action!