Undergraduate Research


At the USF Office of High Impact Practices and Undergraduate Research, we define undergraduate research as "an inquiry or creative project that makes an original contribution to the student's discipline."

According to this definition there are several aspects that characterize someone who engages in undergraduate research including the following:

  • Curiosity (inquiry requires you to ask, probe, question, investigate, examine)
  • Creativity (requires you to have original ideas, take new approaches, use new methods, use your imagination)
  • Contributor (you must work with others to achieve something, provide support, add to)
  • Passion (there is a specific field, subject, or area of study that you want to contribute to or have impact in)


Participating in undergraduate research allows you to expand on your education while at USF. It allows you to pursue your interests, solve problems, hone your critical thinking skills, and make a real contribution to knowledge within your field. There are many benefits to conducting undergraduate research while at USF including the following:

  • Academic Achievement: Those who participate in research are more likely to demonstrate higher academic achievement and excel in school.
  • Graduate School: Those who conduct undergraduate research have a leg up when applying to graduate or professional school.
  • Career Readiness & Opportunities: Participating in research will help you determine your career goals, as well as instill you with a set of transferable skills that make you competitive within the job market.
  • Networking and Relationship Building: Conducting research allows you to build relationships with faculty members and other experts in your field that you may continue to work with in the future.
  • Access to More Opportunities: Getting involved in research gives you access to more scholarships, awards, conferences, stipends, academic credit, and more


The Office of High-Impact Practices and Undergraduate Research offers IDS 2912, Undergraduate Research Experience. This course provides students with a better understanding of what research is, how to conduct research, and how to begin your research journey at USF. Details for registering can be found on this page.


IDS 4914 is a course for students engaging in a research and mentoring opportunity with a USF faculty member. Successful completion of this pass/fail course results in a transcript verification of the student's research involvement.