Global Citizens Award

The Global Citizens Award is a program that creates curricular and co-curricular activities for undergraduate students within the framework of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The aim is to help students engage with global issues, cultivate their cultural awareness, and promote their global competencies.

Being a global citizen can mean many things, but at the heart of it all is being able to engage meaningfully and effectively with diverse people, places, events, challenges, and opportunities.

For the purposes of the Global Citizens Award, USF has identified three primary qualities possessed by a global citizen based on the research of Hans Schattle in his book, The Practices of Global Citizenship (2008):

Global Awareness
Explore your role in the world.  Prepare to change your world!

Global Responsibility
Connect with diverse people, places, and issues.  Live beyond your borders!

Global Participation
Participate to make a difference locally and globally. Do something that matters!

Each semester, students who successfully meet all requirements for the Global Citizen Award will be recognized in several ways including the following:

  • Receive a Global Citizen Award certificate and medallion
  • Be recognized at graduation by having your name listed as a Global Citizen Award recipient in the commencement program
  • Have the achievement noted on your official transcript
  • Be recognized at the GCP Award Ceremony that takes place each spring and fall

Award Requirements

There are five requirements for completing the award and one optional component:

  1. Complete the Start Your Adventure Module and Quiz

  2. Attend and document eight global events (typically lasting 1-2 hours). Global Events are listed on our BullsConnect Events web page, with the Global/Diversity hashtag. 

  3. Complete and document TWO globally focused activities. You may complete the same type of activity twice.

    • Foreign Language Coursework (6 credit hours at level 2200 and above)
    • GCP Certified Coursework (6 credit hours)
      • Courses must have the GCPC attribute to count. You can find the list of GCP certified courses with the GCPC attribute on the following page.
    • USF sponsored study abroad (1 week minimum)
    • Undergraduate Research (45 hours)
    • Community Service (45 hours documented through BullsConnect)
      Internship (45 hours documented through Career Services)
    • Operation Global Action
  4. Complete a final reflection of the activities

  5. Compile your activities into a Canvas ePortfolio

You can self-enroll now for the Fall 2022 GCA cohort.