Global Citizens Project

The Global Citizens Project is a program that creates curricular and co-curricular activities for undergraduate students within the framework of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The aim is to help students engage with global issues, cultivate their cultural awareness, and promote their global competencies.

Being a global citizen can mean many things, but at the heart of it all is being able to engage meaningfully and effectively with diverse people, places, events, challenges, and opportunities.

For the purposes of the Global Citizens Project, USF has identified three primary qualities possessed by a global citizen based on the research of Hans Schattle in his book, The Practices of Global Citizenship (2008):

Global Awareness

Explore your role in the world.  Prepare to change your world!

Global Responsibility

Connect with diverse people, places, and issues.  Live beyond your borders!

Global Participation

Participate to make a difference locally and globally. Do something that matters!

Students may participate in hundereds of global events that happen each year on campus for their own edification or they may choose to attend them as part of earning the Global Citizens Award.