Global Competency Test


Welcome to the Global Competency Test (GCT).

What is the GCT?

  1. The GCT is a series of equivalent test forms that measure global competency.
  2. The GCT engages students with global issues: facts, relationships, and impacts.
  3. The GCT is sensitive to learning in relative to global curricular and co-curricular offerings.

Why the GCT?

  1. Does not rely on self-report or subjective estimates of global competency or knowledge.
  2. Allows students to engage with authentic global issues.
  3. Can be incorporated into a syllabus.
  4. Has multiple forms, appropriate for testing across multiple time points.
  5. Uses engaging original media to present information about global issues.
  6. Can incorporate up to 6 additional questions allowing for group comparisons.

Who needs the GCT?

  1. Institutions of higher education that have globally focused student learning outcomes in their curriculum.
  2. Programs or organizations that promote global skills.
  3. Courses or high impact practices with global learning goals.

The GCT model of Global Citizenship is comprised of a set of skills and attitudes that aid one in navigating a global society. View our model of Global Competency.

The GCT are a series of three tests, each taking about 35 minutes to complete and all measuring Knowledge, Analysis, and Synthesis.

If you are an organization outside of the USF system, please contact Bruce McCollaum for information and ordering. View a sample of a GCT form.

If you are a USF student you will need your UID to sign in.    

  1. The Policy and Impact Global Competency Test: Food Systems and the Environment
  2. The Information Age Global Competency Test: Information Access and Information Literacy
  3. The Values and Policy Global Competency Test: Paid Maternity Leave and Vacations