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QEP Steering Committee Members (2013-2015)

The QEP Steering Committee consisted of administrators, faculty, staff, students, and alumni from across the university.

1. Elizabeth Aranda, Associate Professor and Chair, Sociology, College of Arts & Sciences
2. Diane Austin, Assistant Director and Senior Instructor, School of Information, College of Arts & Sciences
3. Abdool Aziz, Undergraduate Student, Senate President Pro Tempore, Student Government (2014-2015)
4. Catherine Beneteau, Associate Professor, Mathematics & Statistics, College of Arts & Sciences (2013-2014)
5. Mya Breitbart, Associate Professor, Biological Oceanography, College of Marine Science
6. Roger Brindley, Associate Vice President for Global Academic Programs, USF World; College of Education
7. Lisa Brown, Associate Professor, School of Aging Studies, College of Behavioral & Community Sciences (2013-2014)
8. Karla Davis-Salazar (Chair), Associate Dean, Undergraduate Studies; Associate Professor, Anthropology, College of Arts & Sciences
9. Don Dellow, Associate Professor, Adult, Career and Higher Education, College of Education
10. Tim Dixon, Professor, Geology, College of Arts & Sciences
11. Michael Freeman, Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs & Dean for Students (2013-2014)
12. Beth Garland, Chief Business Officer, Innovation Education, University College (2013-2014)
13. Holly Gerardi, Graduate Student, Government and International Affairs, College of Arts & Sciences (2014)
14. Fanni Green, Professor, Theatre & Dance, College of the Arts
15. Brandon Hartmann, Undergraduate Student, Chairman of University, Community, and Government Affairs, Student Government
16. Jessica Lauther, Alumna, Communications, College of Arts & Sciences
17. John Lennon, Assistant Professor, English, College of Arts & Sciences
18. Phil Levy, Associate Professor, History, College of Arts & Sciences
19. David Lewis, Assistant Professor, Integrative Biology, College of Arts & Sciences (2013)
20. Autumn Mueller, Director of Advising, College of Arts & Sciences
21. Jackie Nelson, Senior Director of Undergraduate Affairs, College of Business
22. Kay Perrin, Associate Professor, Community and Family Health; Director of Undergraduate Studies, College of Public Health
23. Steve RiCharde, Associate Vice President, Office of Institutional Effectiveness, Academic Program Planning & Review; SACS Liaison
24. Stephan Schindler, Department Chair, World Languages, College of Arts & Sciences
25. Nick Setteducato, Executive Director, Business & Finance, Office of the Provost
26. Drew Smith, Assistant Librarian, Academic Services, USF Tampa Library
27. Scott Solomon, Associate Professor, Government & International Affairs, College of Arts & Sciences (2013-2014)
28. Bob Sullins, Dean, Undergraduate Studies; College of Education
29. Greg Teague, Associate Professor, Mental Health Law and Policy, College of Behavioral & Community Sciences
30. Maya Trotz, Associate Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering, College of Engineering (2013-2014)
31. Connie Visovsky, Associate Dean, Student Affairs & Community Engagement, College of Nursing