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June 2020

  • Is Your Culture Resilient Enought to Survive Coronavirus?
  • Online Courses on Diversity, Inclusion and Unconscious Bias
  • LinkedIn Learning Course Spotlight: Cultivating Cultural Competence and Inclusion

May 2020

  • 6 Leadership Principles to Guide You During Crisis
  • Soft Skills: What are they and why are they important?
  • Working after COVID-19: What to expect
  • Navigating Team Communication in a Virtual Environment 
  • LinkedIn Learning Course Spotlight: Ergonomics 101

April 2020

  • How to Lead Successful Teams when Everyone is Remote
  • Skill Development During Quarantine 
  • LinkedIn Learning Course Spotlight: Time Management: Working from Home

February 2020

  • A Better Way to Develop and Retain Top Talent
  • Persuasive People Do The 5 Things.  Do You?
  • LinkedIn Learning Course Spotlight: Developing Your Emotional Intelligence 

January 2020

  • The #1 Tactic that will make you a more productive leader
  • Top Ten Resolutions for Your Most Successful New Year
  • LinkedIn Learning Course Spotlight: Creativity for all

November 2019

  • How to Find a Mentor
  • 6 Ways to be a Manager in an Inclusive Workforce
  • LinkedIn Learning Course Spotlight: Making a Good First Impression

October 2019

  • Who is Gen Z?
  • Manager’s Corner: Before You Try to Solve a Complex Challenge, Stop and Formulate the Right Question
  • LinkedIn Learning Course Spotlight:  High Stakes Communication

September 2019

  • Financial Wellness Series
  • Manager’s Corner:  How to be More Execution-Focused as a Leader
  • Top 10 Computer Mouse Tips Everyone Should Know
  • LinkedIn Learning Course Spotlight: The Key to Good Communication:  Your Audience

August 2019

  • Career Development:  Learning and Talent Development Website
  • Manager’s Corner:  Giving Feedback as a Manager
  • Tips and Tricks:  Clearing Your Cache
  • LinkedIn Learning Course Spotlight:  Skills for Inclusive Conversations

July 2019

  • Microsoft Teams
  • Manager’s Corner:  The Art of Self-Leadership
  • The Pomodoro Technique
  • LinkedIn Learning Course Spotlight:  How to use LinkedIn Learning

June 2019

  • New Certificate Series – Employee Motivation
  • Manager’s Corner:  Six Strategies to Maintain Employee Motivation
  • Tips and Tricks:  Declutter Your Workspace.

May 2019

  • Summer Reading:  20 Mental Health Books that can Change Your Life.
  • Manager’s Corner:  Active Listening and Coaching
  • Tips and Tricks:  Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Lynda.com Course Spotlight:  Word Tips Weekly

March 2019

  • USF Employee Perks and Discounts
  • Manager’s Corner:  8 Ways Leaders use Stress to Get Better Results
  • Tips and Tricks:  Bloomberg Podcast “Works for me”
  • Lynda.com Course Spotlight:  Decision Making Strategies

 February 2019

  • Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day
  • Manager's Corner: How to Really Listen to Your Employees
  • Tips and Tricks:  Organization and Computer Files
  • Lynda.com Course Spotlight:  Discovering Your Strengths

January 2019

  • Outstanding Staff Awards
  • Manager's Corner: 5 Steps to Help You Create Results
  • Tips and Tricks:  Cut Down on Phone Consumption and Improve Productivity
  • Lynda.com Course Spotlight:  Critical Thinking

December 2018

  • Winter Break:  Taking a Breather
  • Manager's Corner: Engaging Millenials
  • Tips and Tricks: Tips to Wake Up Earlier and More Refreshed
  • Lynda.com Course Spotlight:  Creating Great Workplace Habits

November 2018

  • USF Community Giving Tree
  • Manager's Corner: Being a Leader and Being Human
  • Tips and Tricks: Notetaking Apps
  • Lynda.com Course Spotlight:  Giving and Receiving Feedback
  • Upcoming EAP Workshop:  Successfully Navigating Challenging and Difficult Relationships

October 2018

  • Benefits Fair and Open Enrollment
  • Manager's Corner: Ensure that Work is Meaninful
  • Tips and Tricks:   "Eat a Frog Every Morning" Tak Approach
  • Lynda.com Course Spotlight:  Customer Service: Serving Internal Customers
  • Upcoming EAP Workshop: Using Emotional Intelligence for Workplace Success

September 2018

  • Training Room Expansion Project
  • Manager's Corner: Daniel Kahneman - How we Think 
  • Tips and Tricks:  Keyboard Shortcuts
  • UpcomingEAP Workshops: 
    1. Gaining Control of Your Health and Financial Stress
    2. Using Emotional Intelligence for Workplace Success

August 2018

  • Online Leadership Courses
  • Manager's Corner: Leadership Blind Spots
  • Tips and Tricks:  Using Google More Effectively
  • Lynda.com Course Spotlight:  Pitching Your Ideas Strategically
  • UpcomingEAP Workshops: 
    1. Gaining Control of Your Health and Financial Stress
    2. Using Emotional Intelligence for Workplace Success

July 2018

  • LTD's Problem Solving Series
  • Manager's Corner:  Insights to the Qualities Team Members Value in Managers
  • Lynda.com Course Spotlight: 
    1. Excel: Pivot Tables for Beginners  
    2. VLOOKUP Function (short video tutorial)
  • Tips and Tricks:  The Email "Clean up" Function

June 2018

  • Onboarding Checklist
  • Manager's Corner: Forbes Article Explains Using Emotional Intelligence to Break the Cycle of Stress.
  • Tips and Tricks:  Disable Pop-ups
  • Lynda.com Course Spotlight:  Building Resilience
  • Take our Daughters and Sons to Work Day:  Event photos

May 2018

  • LTD's Project Management Page
  • Forbes Highlights10 Characteristics of an Effective Leader.
  • Use Outlook Quick Steps to Set up Short Cuts.
  • Lynda.com Course Spotlight:  Communication Foundations

April 2018

  • LTD's new Effective Communication Series
  • Manager's Corner:   Brian Tracy Discusses Leadership Styles to Inspire Your Team.
  • Take our Daughters and Sons to Work Day 
  • Lynda.com Course Spotlight:  Outlook 2016: Time Management with Calendar and Tasks 
  • Tips and Tricks:  Voicemail
  • April Wellness Section:  Financial Wellness Wednesdays

 March 2018

  • Take our Daughters and Sons to Work Day
  • Manager's Corner:  Management Tips Weekly
  • Lynda.com Course Spotlight:  Solving Business Problems
  • March Wellness Sessions:  Financial Wellness

February 2018

  • New Course Format for GEMS Recruiting Solutions
  • Manager's Corner:   "Everyday Leadership" with  Drew Dudley 
  • Performance Management
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Lynda.com Course Spotlight:  Excel Tips Weekly

January 2018

  • Outstanding Staff Awards
  • Managers Corner:  Be a Motivational Leader in the New Year. 
  • Lynda.com spotlight:  Communication Tips Weekly 

December 2017

  • New Employee Orientation Redesigned
  •  Manager's Corner:  Duke Behavioral Economist Dan Ariely Illuminates Why People do What They do.
  • Informal Recognition
  • Lynda.com spotlight:  Managing-To-Do Lists

November 2017

  • Inaugural Edition of the LTD Newsletter 
  • LTD Website
  • Fundamentals of Supervision