Organizational Development


Organization Development (OD) partners with individuals, teams and/or departments to help build a thriving organization that motivates and inspires its people while fulfilling its mission without compromising core values. Our goal is to maximize performance by utilizing the skills and talents already present within our most important resource, our people.

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OUR APPROACH Through consultation and/or assessments we evaluate current strategies, successes and challenges. Recommendations are then provided to department leaders, which may include coaching, customized training and/or referrals to other resources within Central Human Resources. External resources may also be recommended.

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OUR STRATEGIES We are experienced in, and dedicated to developing, improving, and sustaining organizations and teams. Our OD interventions are focused in the areas of strategic planning and implementation, organizational assessments, change management, team development, performance improvement, and retreat design and facilitation



Development of talent is an ongoing process. OD develops specific services that assist with the management of talent throughout the lifecycle at USF.



We partner with managers and teams in focusing their efforts to optimize objectives and results through designing, facilitating and evaluating expected retreat outcomes. Deliverables include design and facilitation, and follow- up meetings.



To be an effective team, its members must share a common goal, have mutual respect, and be motivated to use the strengths of each member to achieve their objectives. Successful teams develop effective group skills, using tools that promote effective interpersonal communication and conflict management.


Our organization development consultants can help you and your team with the following interventions:
circle with four quadrants DISC Help team members better understand themselves AND others through in-person and virtual facilitations.
person lifting weight CLIFTONSTRENGTHS  Your top strengths -- the things you naturally do best -- can help you manage better, meet your goals and improve your team's success.
arrows in different directions CHANGE MANAGEMENT Learn to manage and proactively plan for large-scale changes
heart ENGAGEMENT Increase engagement by implementing strategies at the leadership, manager, and employee levels
plan book ORGANIZATIONAL DESIGN Increase effectiveness by helping realize a new or updated strategy.
question mark NEEDS ASSESSMENT Understand and apply tools such as interviews, focus groups, surveys, and assessments to identify and address key issues and opportunities for improving your organization’s team or department.

Why Organization Development?

See examples of what we do and read about our impact. 

Custom Retreat: The Art of Social Emotional Intelligence

Overview: This customized retreat for the College of Arts & Sciences.

Participants at Retreat

Participant Feedback: I thought the program was outstanding and it provided us an opportunity to hit three main components. A big one was the rewriting of our mission statement, and Bridgette was there to help guide a small group of people to something that was very grandiose. We were really trying to make a significant change and we did, which was especially challenging during this time of significant change. Another component was to then bring that mission statement into our strategic plan of where we wanted to go and have our entire department go through the SOAR (strengths, opportunities, aspirations & results) process. We met multiple times throughout the process. Each component included the opportunity for the team to have discussions in a way that allowed for team building and interactions that we were missing due to the remote work.

Customized Team Retreat using Clifton Strengths

This was for a customized team retreat for Career Services utilizing the CliftonStrengths assessment to examine critical thinking, emotional intelligence, change, and team dynamics.

Overview: The philosophy behind strengths-based development is to encourage us to begin where we are our best. Through reflection and analysis, we can take a deeper look at the role our strengths play in our personal and professional lives and then plan how to best leverage our strengths in the future. The same applies to change management and critical thinking. This retreat plan covered strengths, change, and critical thinking holistically, using reflection and analysis as a tool as a tool for both personal growth and team building.

Participant Feedback:

  • I started at USF on January 2021 and everyone was already working remotely. This session was very helpful because it made me get in touch, in a deeper way, with my new role and how my abilities can be useful. It also allowed me to get to know my colleagues more in depth, since I haven't met them face-to-face yet
  • Bridgette was excellent, and l felt that she was part of our team. She provided several opportunities to reflect and process the information. Excellent presentation and discussion topics. Provided me with very relevant information and the virtual training was very interactive and organized. The presentation slides, resources and information were excellent. Bridgette, thanks very much again for conducting this training for our office and I learned very useful information that I will put into practice.

How to Get Started

If you are interested in engaging our services, the first step is to meet with the OD Consultant to discuss your situation and goals. If you are not sure what you need, no problem – we will discuss the challenges or opportunities you have identified and recommend a plan to achieve your goals by utilizing research-based resources and proven consulting services. Please email to schedule an appointment.


The initial consultation is provided at no cost to you. If after our consultation you decide to engage our services, our fee is based on services provided. Our fees are priced well below market value as compared to external providers offering similar services.