USF Employee Learning

What is USF Employee Learning?

USF Employee Learning is a new platform to help individuals find training, learn content and track results with greater efficiency and ease. You may recognize a familiar look because the platform was created by the makers of Canvas. However, USF Employee Learning was built just for our employees!

How can I access and find trainings in USF Employee Learning? 

There are currently two ways to access USF Employee Learning.

1. Access via URL at

2. Access in the MyUSF portal in the "resources" menu.

USF Employee Learning portal menu
Once inside, there are multiple ways to search for trainings. Some of these include: 

  • Enter a topic in the search bar
  • Use the "categories" dropdown to search by audience (new employee, etc).
  • Use the "categories" dropdown to search for types of training such as "certificate programs" or "compliance."

USF Employee Learning search screen

Will my completions be recorded in USF Employee Learning?

Yes, USF Employee Learning provides a dashboard. You can see all of your courses in progress and completed. You can also get a PDF transcript of your completed trainings. Course completions are also included in your official employee training record in GEMS Self-Service. Please allow 24 business hours for completions to transfer from USF Employee Learning to GEMS.

USF Employee Learning dashboard


Overview of the student dashboard (video tutorial)

How do I enroll in courses in USF Employee Learning? Click here for video tutorial or here for PDF job aid

How do I download certificates from LinkedIn Learning? (video tutorial)

How do I set up a Badgr backpack and share my badge on social media? (PDF job aid)