Employee Resource Groups

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are experience or identity-based groups that exist within organizations to support their membership. ERGs promote USF's goal "To provide a safe, inclusive and vibrant community for learning, discovery, creative activities and transformative experiences enabled through adaptive design of physical, social and digital environments." (USF Strategic Plan, 2021)

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Employee Resource Groups are voluntary and led by employees themselves.  ERGs, or affinity groups, help to provide a sense of community and well-being by reducing isolation that employees may feel.  You can learn more about ERGs in this brief LinkedIn Learning video. (View the entire course for more detailed information about participating in, creating, or leading successful ERGs).


  • Actively listen to the experiences of others.
  • Reflect on your own identity and biases; all humans have unconscious biases.
  • Be proactive in researching issues that others face.
  • Advocate for marginalized or oppressed groups, even when they are not present.
  • Accept that you will make mistakes as you learn, but remain open to feedback. 


Black Faculty & Staff Association https://www.usf.edu/bfsa/


The mission of the USF-BFSA shall be to foster an environment of mutual support and respect for Black employees working at the University of South Florida. The USF-BFSA shall engage in such activities that will benefit the constituent members in the areas of social support and professional networking as well as in the areas of advocacy and representative action within the University and surrounding communities. The USF-BFSA recognizes the existence and supports the continued work of Black institutional organizations focused on matters of concern to Black faculty, staff and students at the University of South Florida.

USF Womens club https://www.usfwomensclub.com/

Women's club logo

The USF Women's Club exists to enhance the social and cultural life of its members and to provide service to the University community. Every year, we ward several full-tuition scholarships as well as enable the USF Library to make some special purchases. To fundraise for all of our philanthropic initiatives, we sell various goods and hold events such as luncheons and auctions.

Retired Faculty & Staff Association https://www.stpetersburg.usf.edu/advancement/retired-faculty-staff-association/index.aspx

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The Retired Faculty and Staff Association (RFSA) was founded in 2004 to maintain an organized association between its members and the University. The RFSA encourages retirees to remain involved with the USF St. Petersburg campus by fostering social connection through events and projects that assist in the institution’s advancement.

Alianza Latina Faculty & Staff Association https://www.usf.edu/alianza-latina/index.aspx

The mission of Alianza Latina Faculty and Staff Association shall be to foster an environment of mutual support, community, advocacy and respect for Latinx/a/o, Latin American, or Hispanic identified faculty, staff and students at the University of South Florida. The organization will promote recruitment, retention, professional development, and the advancement of Latinx/a/o employees at the university, thereby, upholding USF’s Principles of Community. Alianza Latina will serve as the platform for participatory advocacy that leads to their/our transformational development and access to university resources resulting in increased representation and value of our community. Alianza Latina will be a dynamic space of solidarity and celebration of our diverse cultures and experiences as Latinx/a/o, Latin American, or Hispanic faculty and staff at the University of South Florida. To reach us and be added to our mailing lists please email alianza-latina@usf.edu

Asian Pacific Islander Desi American Council

The mission of the APIDA Council is to:

  • Provide a community space for Asian, Pacific Islander, Desi, South Asian, American (APIDA) faculty and staff.
  • Support APIDA students through the Office of Multicultural Affairs and student organizations.
  • Bring awareness of celebration and challenges as it relates to the APIDA community for USF.

For more information, please contact Mr. Kevin Lee: clee24@usf.edu or Dr. Kiran Jayaram: kjayaram@usf.edu

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Neurodiversity Advocacy Association

The mission of the Neurodiversity Advocacy Association (USF-NAA) is to provide support for neurodivergent employees, parents of neurodivergent children, and allies for neurodiversity awareness. The USF-NAA shall engage in such activities that will benefit the constituent members in the areas of social support, professional networking, self-advocacy, and communication within the University and surrounding communities.

The USF-NAA shall operate to enhance the presence of neurodivergent faculty/staff and the Tampa area organizations who partner with the University by serving as a source of information for and about the advancement of neurodivergent faculty and staff within USF and its surrounding communities, while coordinating efforts that will benefit the members. For more information, contact Amanda Hardwick at ahardwick@usf.edu

pride rainbow letters and ERG

PRIDE ERG: LGBTQ+ Faculty and Staff Association

The mission of the USF Pride ERG is to foster an inclusive environment for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ+) employees, enabling authenticity and optimal performance, thus fostering a sense of belonging at USF. The Pride ERG supports USF's diversity goals by aiding in the recruitment and retention of LGBTQ+ staff and faculty. Our goals are to:

  • Act as a resource for LGBTQ+ employees, offering support and visibility.
  • Provide a safe space for sharing experiences and building community.
  • Offer networking, educational, and social opportunities with an LGBTQ+ focus.
  • Ensure inclusive participation across all campus and functional units.
  • Enhance awareness of LGBTQ+ issues, promoting positive communication internally and externally.

The USF Pride ERG is open to all USF employees who support the Pride ERG's vision and mission, including LGBTQ+ individuals and allies.

For more information, please contact: Tampa/Online – Dr. David Kilmnick, School of Social Work at dkilmnick@usf.edu or St. Pete/Sarasota – Jill Brown, MUMA College of Business at jillcbrown@usf.edu


If you are aware of an ERG that should be on this list, please email training@usf.edu

Before submitting, please consider the following. Though often confused with ERGs, advisory councils and task forces do not qualify as Employee Resource Groups.

  • At its core, an ERG itself should offer community and connection to an employee who feels like “I’m the only one like me here.”
  • An ERG is created and run by an employee or group of employees. It is not created or assigned by leadership.
  • An ERG’s goals exist for that ERG. The goals may be in sync with the university, but the ERG exists to serve its members rather than the university.