USF Training Providers


Does your department offer compliance or other training opportunities to USF employees? Are you the facilitator, instructor or individual responsible for managing or overseeing that training? If so, you are a USF Training Provider. This page provides resources and information to support your training efforts.

HR-Learning & Talent Development Team

  • Provide you with training and development best practices, which include adult learning principles
  • Coach you with how to create a new course in USF Employee Learning (Canvas) or update an existing course
  • Set up your new course in GEMS to document completions
  • Show you how to run training-related reports in USF Employee Learning (Canvas) and GEMS
  • Troubleshoot issues with your online training
  • Provide you with videos and job aids to support your training responsibilities
  • Facilitate regularly scheduled training support meetings and workshops
  • Equip you with skills, tools, and resources needed to successfully deliver and manage your training
  • Recommend effective practices for communicating your training to USF employees

USF Employee Learning

USF Employee Learning (UEL) is the Central HR Canvas instance for USF employee training and development. To access UEL, log into MyUSF and click on the “Employee Training” tile. You can also find “USF Employee Learning” under “My Resources” in the MyUSF portal.


Please note that GEMS provides USF's official record of training completions. All required employee training should be entered and tracked in GEMS. To request that a new course be created in GEMS, please use this online Course Setup Form (linked here). 

If you are offering training to USF employees for the first time, are offering a new training course or you need assistance with setting up your training in USF Employee Learning (Canvas) or GEMS, please contact


Need support or assistance with your training for employees? Connect with the HR-Learning & Talent Development team in a variety of ways:

  • Employee Training Provider GRP on Teams
  • Canvas & Coffee Open Lab
  • Training Provider Monthly Meetups

Contact for more information.