Scholarship Policies

General Scholarship Policies

  • Scholarships are reviewed and awarded on a rolling basis. Students will be reviewed based on the submission date of the scholarship application, starting with the earliest submitted applications, and working towards the most recently submitted applications.

  • Scholarship applications will not be reviewed until a student has been admitted into their respective program.

  • All students who submit a scholarship application will receive a response regarding their scholarship application after it has been reviewed. Scholarship decisions will be sent to students and parents directly via the email contact provided on the scholarship application.

  • Scholarships are awarded as discounts off of the costs of registration for the student’s program. Scholarships are not dispersed as a monetary award and cannot be redeemed for cash or other compensation.

  • Scholarships cannot be awarded in excess of the registration costs of the program, and as such, USF Pre-College does not offer scholarships to cover any costs outside of registration such as airfare, hotel accommodations, personal expenses, etc.

  • Scholarship awards can only be utilized by the specific individual student to which it was awarded. Scholarship awards and scholarship codes are not transferable, and if utilized by anyone other than the student to which it was awarded, can result in having that scholarship revoked by USF Pre-College.

  • Scholarship awards are specific to the program for which the student was admitted. Using scholarship funds for anything other than the registration costs of the program to which it was awarded, can result in having that scholarship revoked by USF Pre-College.

  • Abuse of these USF Pre-College Scholarship policies can result in, but not limited to, forfeiture of awarded funds, immediate rescindment of their program admission, cancellation of registration without refund, and inability to participate in future USF Pre-College programs.  

Priority Scholarship Deadline

  • Students must first have submitted an application to the program of their choosing by March 15, 2021 at 11:59 p.m. In the email confirmation to the program application, students will receive a link to the scholarship application.

  • Students must then submit the scholarship application prior to March 22, 2021 at 11:59 p.m.

  • Students must have submitted both applications by their respective deadlines to be considered for priority scholarship.

  • Students that have met the priority deadline for scholarships are not guaranteed a scholarship award. While students who have applied prior to the deadline are highly likely to be awarded a scholarship, students may still be deemed ineligible for scholarship funds after their application is reviewed.

Scholarship Availability Past Priority Deadline

  • Scholarship funding may be limited, or possibly depleted past our priority deadline and prior to the respective final program application deadline and/or scholarship deadline. Scholarships are awarded as they are available, and so students are encouraged to complete a scholarship application at their earliest convenience.

Scholarship Final Deadlines

  • All For-Credit Programs:
    • Program application deadline of May 3, 2021 at 11:59 p.m.
    • Scholarship application deadline of May 3, 2021 at 11:59 p.m.
  • Completion of a scholarship application prior to final deadlines does not guarantee that a student will be awarded a scholarship to their respective program. Scholarship applications only guarantee that a student will be reviewed for available funds.

Scholarships and Changing Programs

  • Scholarship awards are specific to the program for which the student was admitted. If a student wishes to change their selected program after being awarded a scholarship, they may only do so at the discretion and approval of USF Pre-College.

  • If a student is granted approval to change their program, USF Pre-College will conduct a second review of their scholarship application, dependent on available funds at the time of program change. This secondary review can yield a new scholarship offer that is greater than, less than, or equal to their original scholarship offer in both amount awarded and/or percentage of program cost. This review can also result in a new decision where the student is not awarded a scholarship.

  • Students and parents will be notified of the decision of their secondary scholarship review before they would be eligible to register for their new program.

  • USF Pre-College will provide the student and parent with a “Change of Scholarship” form outlining both the previous scholarship offer and program costs, along with the new scholarship offer and program costs. The Student and Parent are responsible for reviewing, signing, and returning the “Change of Scholarship” form acknowledging that they understand the effects of the program change to the student’s award, prior to being eligible to complete their registration for the new program.

Scholarships for Students Admitted to Multiple Programs

  • Students who are admitted and planning on attending more than one USF Pre-College program are eligible to receive a scholarship award for multiple programs.

  • Students must indicate all of their intended programs on their scholarship application in order to receive a scholarship consideration for more than one program.

  • Acceptance to multiple programs does not factor into a scholarship review and decision. Each program is reviewed individually and does not affect the scholarship decision of another program.

  • A scholarship is not guaranteed for every program in which a student is admitted. A student can be awarded a scholarship to all indicated programs, just a single program, or a student may ultimately be denied a scholarship to all programs depending on review.

  • Each scholarship is awarded and treated individually and is designated towards the specific program for which it is awarded. Scholarship offers cannot be used interchangeably between programs.

  • Scholarship awards for multiple programs cannot be combined in an effort to be utilized towards a single program. If a student decides to attend just one program, the scholarship awards for any other programs can be forfeited or revoked by USF Pre-College.

  • Students awarded scholarships to more than one program may utilize each of those awards towards their respective programs. Students do not need to attend both programs in order to use any scholarship offer if they decide not to attend all programs, any unutilized awards can be forfeited or revoked by USF Pre-College.

Program Rescission

  • USF Pre-College reserves the right to rescind a student's admission to their selected program at any time as outlined in the USF Pre-College Registration Policies.

  • Scholarship Recipients that have their program admission rescinded are automatically disqualified from being considered for scholarship funding.

  • Students who have their admission rescinded after having received a scholarship, automatically forfeit their scholarship award. Any previously awarded funding becomes null and void, and cannot be utilized, claimed, or distributed in any way by the student or their parent or legal guardian.

  • Students who have used their scholarship to complete their registration prior to having their admission rescinded forfeit their registered space in the program and cannot participate in the program. Scholarship funds utilized for registration are forfeited and null and void.

Program Cancellation

  • USF Pre-College reserves the right to cancel or suspend any scheduled program prior to the listed program start date. In the event of program cancellation, USF Pre-College will notify all registered students and families immediately. In effort to rectify the situation, USF Pre-College will work with previously registered students and their families to potentially offer alternative programs or alternate sessions.  If updating to another program is not feasible, a complete refund of all registration charges paid will be issued.
  • Registered students in a canceled program who received a scholarship are eligible to maintain their award and it can possibly be utilized for other programs. In communication with USF Pre-College regarding alternative options, students and families will be offered options for applying the previously award scholarship towards a new program.
  • Depending on available funding and price differences amongst programs, a student’s previously awarded scholarship amount may increase, decrease, or remain the same, in order to meet the needs associated with a different program.

Scholarships Awarded After Completing Registration

  • If a student has completed their registration and paid for their program in full, and is later awarded a USF Pre-College scholarship, the student is eligible for a refund of paid registration fees.
  • Refunds will be allocated in amounts up to and not exceeding, the amount of scholarship funding awarded to the student.   

Refunds After Registration

  • Students who have paid and completed their registration are eligible to cancel their registration for a full refund up to their respective program registration deadline.
  • Refunds for registrations canceled after the program specific registration deadline are:
    • 75% Refund - 21 calendar days prior to start of program.
    • 50% Refund - 14 calendar days prior to start of program.
    • No refunds will be issued for a program registration cancelled less than 14 days prior to start of program.
  • Deviations from this policy can be made on a case by case basis in the presence of extenuating circumstances, such as medical and family emergencies. Registrants would be required to request a refund in writing and provide available documentation of the circumstance. Refunds will be offered at the discretion of the USF Pre-College Director.
  • Refunds will not include amounts awarded to students through scholarships. Refunds will only consist of registration costs paid by students and their families at the time of registration.
  • Cancelled registration for students who were awarded a scholarship can result in the forfeiture of awarded funds. Any student requesting to cancel their registration must speak with USF Pre-College about the effect of registration change on their scholarship award, prior to changing their registration. Failure to communicate can result in a forfeiture of scholarship funding.

Alumni, Staff, and Faculty Dependents

  • Students who are dependents of USF Alumni, Faculty, or Staff are eligible to be automatically awarded at least a 10% scholarship to the program of their choosing.
  • Dependent students are still required to submit the scholarship application in order to be reviewed and offered the 10% scholarship. Students must complete all the necessary fields of the scholarship application regarding dependence status. Students who do not submit the scholarship application fully and correctly can be deemed as ineligible for the automatic scholarship, and thus not awarded.
  • Dependent students are automatically qualified for at least a 10% scholarship; however, they can be considered for, and ultimately offered a scholarship award greater than 10% of the cost of the program.
  • Dependent students who are awarded a scholarship greater than 10% of the cost of their program, are awarded so in place of the 10% discount scholarship. Students are not eligible to increase their scholarship award by an additional 10% of their program cost by being the dependent of a USF Faculty, Staff, or Alumni.
  • Dependent students admitted into multiple programs can be considered for and receive 10% scholarships to all programs in which they have applied for scholarship. Students are still subject to all policies, terms, and conditions regarding scholarships for multiple programs as outline above.

Requesting Additional Funds

  • Students who are awarded a scholarship for their chosen program but are still unable to afford the remaining balance due after scholarship can request consideration for a secondary review for an increase in their scholarship offer.
  • Students must submit a formal request by email to the USF Pre-College office at Ined-Precollege@usf.edu. USF Pre-College will confirm receipt of the request and initiate a secondary review for the student.
  • USF Pre-College may request additional supporting documentation from the student and family to provide further context to information provided in the scholarship application. USF Pre-College may also respond with new questions or request new information not originally listed on the scholarship applications.
  • Students and families may include with their request for secondary review any and all documentation they deem necessary. Which documents are deemed valid for review is ultimately at the discretion of the USF Pre-College Director.
  • After a secondary review is conducted, students and families will be informed of the decision by email. All students will receive a decision regarding the results of their review. However, students are not guaranteed that the result of a secondary review will be in an increase in their scholarship award.
  • Results from a secondary review can be either an increase in awarded scholarship funds, or no change to awarded scholarship funds. Students cannot have their scholarship award revoked or reduced as a result of a secondary review.
  • Students with scholarship awards to multiple programs and request a secondary review can be reviewed for multiple scholarship awards at once. Each award is reviewed individually, and independently of each other. Students may receive an increase in an award to one program, while not receiving an increase to other programs. Students can also receive no change to all of their scholarship awards.

Accepting Scholarship Awards  

  • Students awarded a scholarship for their program of choice must accept their scholarship award offer.
  • To accept an award offer, students must complete one of the following options:
    • Register for their program of choice by submitting the registration deposit.

    •  Submit a request for secondary review of their scholarship application as outlined above.

    • Email a formal statement to Ined-Precollege@usf.edu with their intentions to register and stating that they need additional time to complete their registration payment.

  • Students and parents have 2 calendar weeks from the receipt of their scholarship offer to complete one of the outlined methods of accepting their scholarship award.
  • USF Pre-College will alert students and families who do not complete one of these options after the 2-week period by email. The email will serve as a final notice and a call to action to prevent a forfeiture of awarded funds.
  • USF Pre-College reserves the right to revoke or reduce scholarship awards for students due to inactivity. Students who do not complete one of the options outlined above can jeopardize their scholarship awards, and ultimately have their scholarship revoked. 

Post Program Reflection

  •  All Pre-College students who are awarded a scholarship and utilize this scholarship for their program will be required to submit a post-program reflection at the end of their designated program.

  • After completion of the program, students and families will be emailed a survey form, through which they can put information about themselves, and write a short post-program reflection. This is a requirement for all students who utilized a scholarship awarded through the USF Pre-College office.

  • Students and families will be sent a reminder of their Post Program Reflection requirement, if not completed within 2 weeks of their first email.

  • Failure to complete the post program survey can result in USF Pre-College revoking the awarded funds and charging the student and family accordingly.