Beginning Video and Digital Media

Female Pre-College Summer program student shooting content for her Beginning Video and Digital Media class.
Program Description

This is not a course in commercial production. Instead, we focus on two objectives. We will explore and implement various digital production hardware and software as tools for the purposes of artistic invention. In conjunction, we will examine how the predominant modes of motion pictures function in our daily lives and explore alternative production practices. For 2021, the course can engage with areas of social justice and entrepreneurship by encouraging students to produce work related to social justice issues and envision a career in creative fields undergirded by the objectives of social entrepreneurship.

Program Application

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis and decisions are typically dispersed between 2-3 weeks from application submission.

The official application deadline has passed. There may still be space within the program. To inquire about space, please email

Program Objectives

  • Experiment with personal, creative and socially engaged approaches to digital video, sound and electronic art production.
  • Develop an electronic portfolio of creative digital media work required for college and scholarship applications, exhibitions, and future employment opportunities.
  • Implement a variety of interpersonal skills needed for collaborative work in creative fields, especially in long-distance and remote production environments.

Program Faculty

  •  Shawn Cheatham

Program Dates and Course Times

  • Monday, July 12 – Friday, August 6.
  • Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays 1:00 – 4:00 pm.

Program Price

  •  $1,199
  •  A $200 deposit will be due after admission, in order to reserve a space in the program. The remaining $999 will be due by Friday, July 16.