USF Pre-College Program and Registration Policies

A student’s participation in a USF Pre-College program is not guaranteed until the student has completed the registration process. The registration process is different between Non-Credit and For-Credit programs. The registration process for programs is outlined below.

Non-Credit Registration

  • Students admitted to a Non-Credit program will receive an acceptance email that includes a link to complete their online registration.
    Students will create an account with our Registration Services portal. From there, students will be directed to add their respective program to their cart. Once added, in order to complete their registration students will need to check out and pay the balance of the program.
    Only once the balance is paid will a student’s registration be considered complete.
    Students who have been awarded a scholarship will be given a code to use during the registration process that will automatically reduce the cost of the program to the final balance. Once updated, students must pay the remaining balance in order to complete their registration.

For-Credit Registration

  • Students admitted to a For-Credit program will receive instructions to complete their registration. Students in a For-Credit program will be directed in their acceptance email to the Non-Degree seeking student application for USF.
  • After completing the application, students will need to provide necessary registration paperwork to be eligible to enroll in courses. USF Pre-College will direct students through this process, and assist students with completing these steps.
  • Once a student is eligible to be registered in university courses, USF Pre-College will manually enroll them in the courses for their program. Once registered in their courses, a student’s registration is considered complete.
  • After a student is registered, USF Pre-College will work to ensure that their student balance is correctly adjusted to properly reflect the cost of the program. At this time, any student awarded scholarship will have their award applied directly to their account.
  • USF Pre-College will maintain communication with students and families throughout the process of registering For-Credit students.


  • Students who have paid and completed their registration are eligible to cancel their registration for a full refund up until their respective programs registration deadline.
  • Refunds for registrations canceled after the program specific registration deadline are:
    •  75% Refund - 21 calendar days prior to start of program.
    • 50% Refund - 14 calendar days prior to start of program
    • No refunds will be issued for a program registration cancelled less than 14 days prior to start of program
  • Deviations from this policy can be made on a case by case basis in the presence of extenuating circumstances, such as medical and family emergencies. Registrants would be required to request a refund in writing and provide available documentation of the circumstance. Refunds will be offered at the discretion of the USF Pre-College Director.
  • Refunds will not include amounts awarded to students through scholarships. Refunds will only consist of registration costs paid by students and their families at the time of registration.
  • Cancelled registration for students who were awarded a scholarship can result in the forfeiture of awarded funds. Any student requesting to cancel their registration must speak with USF Pre-College about the effect of registration change on their scholarship award, prior to changing their registration. Failure to communicate can result in a forfeiture of scholarship funding.

Change of Student’s Registration

  • Students who have paid and completed their registration and are intending to change their registration into a different program are eligible to do so in accordance with the following policies.
  • Students must submit an application and be admitted to the program for which they intend on registering. Students are required to submit their application to the program prior to the listed application deadline for the program of choice.
  • Students must request to update their registration prior to the registration deadline for their new program of choice in writing.
  • Students who have been approved to change programs will have their registration updated to their selected program by USF Pre-College.
  • In the event of a difference in price, students will either be required to pay the remaining balance at the time of registration, or will be refunded for the difference in cost between programs.
  • Scholarship awards are specific to the student’s originally intended program, and by electing to change a student’s registration there is the possibility of a change, reduction, or forfeiture of a student’s awarded scholarship. Any student requesting to change their registration must speak with USF Pre-College about the effect of registration change on their scholarship award, prior to changing their registration. Failure to communicate can result in forfeiture of scholarship funding.
  • A request to change from a Non-Credit program to a For-Credit program must be requested and approved prior to the May 1 For-Credit Program Registration Deadline. Due to the additional registration requirements for a For-Credit program, students must elect to change into a For-Credit program prior to the deadline in order to complete the required registration steps in a timely manner. Students interested in changing programs past the May 1 deadline will be considered on a case by case basis.

Wait Lists

  • In the event that a program reaches capacity, any additional students interested in the program are eligible to add themselves to the program waitlist.
  • Students on the waitlist are not guaranteed a participant space in the program. However if listed on the waitlist, students and their families will be contacted in the event of a vacancy in the program.
  • In the event of a vacancy in the program, USF Pre-College will contact all students on the waitlist by email to inform them of the available space. Students will be directed to complete their registration at that time.
  • Priority will not be given to any position on the waitlist, meaning that all students on the waitlist will be invited to complete their registration in the event of a vacancy. The available space will go to the first student to complete their registration.
  • The latest that a student on the waitlist can be notified of an available vacancy in the program would be 3 business days prior to the start of the program. Past this point, a student will not be able to complete their registration and all necessary registration waivers and contracts prior to program start.
  • All students who elect to place themselves on the waitlist will receive a confirmation email from USF Pre-College reminding them of these policies.

Program Rescission

  • USF Pre-College reserves the right to rescind a student's admission to their selected program at any time.
  • Students may have their admission resciended at the director's discretion, due to behavior or conduct violations unveiled throughout the application and registration process. Possible violations include, but are not limited to: 
    • Falsifying, tampering with, or otherwise failing to submit program contracts and waivers appropriately.
    • Aggression and/or threats of violence aimed at USF Pre-College staff, Faculty, Administration, or other participants.
    • Discovery of participation in illegal or illicit activity.
    • Violations and decisions to rescind are determined at the directors discretion, and are not subject to appeal.
  • Students that have their admission rescinded after completing their program registration immediately forfeit their registered space in the program, and cannot participate in the program. Students are eligible to have their registration costs refunded.
  • Rescission of a student's admission can be due to violations carried out by the student and/or their parent or legal guardian.

Cancellation of Program

  • USF Pre-College reserves the right to cancel or suspend any scheduled program prior to the listed program start date. In the event of program cancellation, USF Pre-College will notify all registered students and families immediately. In effort to rectify the situation, USF Pre-College will work with previously registered students and their families to potentially offer alternative programs or alternate sessions. If updating to another program is not feasible, a complete refund of all registration charges paid will be issued.
  • Registered students in a canceled program who received a scholarship are eligible to maintain their award to be utilized for other programs. In communication with USF Pre-College regarding alternative options, students and families will be offered options for applying the previously award scholarship towards a new program.
  • Depending on available funding and price differences amongst programs, a student’s previously awarded scholarship may alter to meet the needs associated with a different program.

Parking, Student Cars, and Personal Vehicles

  • USF Parking and Transportation enforces strict parking permit regulations on campus 24/7. USF Pre-College, in partnership with USF Parking and Transportation has prearranged agreements that allow participants and their family to park on campus without needing to purchase a Visitors Parking Permit for specified move in and move out times.
  • Students will receive instructions and directions included with their registration paperwork regarding where to park for their program related move-ins, move-outs, opening ceremonies, and/or closing ceremonies. Students and their families will be provided with the appropriate parking lots and times when students and families will be eligible to park on campus without a valid permit. USF Pre-College is not responsible for parking fines accrued from parking outside of the designated lots or times.
  • In accordance with USF Parking and Transportation policies, students are not permitted to bring their own personal vehicle for the duration of their scheduled program. It is strongly encouraged for transportation to be arranged for students to be dropped off for the opening of their selected program, and picked up at the conclusion of the program. USF Pre-College is not responsible for any charges, fees, or damages incurred from student vehicles kept on campus.