USF Pre-College 2019 Summer Programs

Pursue academic interests, discover career opportunities and explore the independence of university life. All programs are enriched with experiential learning, select field trips and guest speakers – all of which put theory into practice. Some programs even offer the opportunity to earn college credit.

STEM for Scholars

Prepare for academic and college life with this program designed to expand your horizons in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fields. You'll develop critical thinking and conceptual creativity through active, hands-on participation in all aspects of the program, including work with cryptography cybersecurity. This is a four-week program with residential and commuter options.

Biomedical Engineering

Discover how engineering and the human body come together. You will learn how technology can be used to record and monitor biological signals from the body and how to use those signals to create better tools and mainstream technology applications such as advanced sensors, diagnostics and prosthetics. Immerse yourself in project-based learning within the Design for X (DFX) lab and visit other active medical and engineering research labs on campus.

Future Physicians & Health Care Professionals

Learn what it’s like to train in the same environment as medical school students and engage in the same equipment demonstrations and realistic hands-on simulation activities. You'll be immersed in a variety of simulated health care training experiences such as a 3-D anatomy analysis, laparoscopic skills and high-fidelity simulation. This is a seven-day residential program.

Future Scientists and Engineers

Take an up-close look at what scientists and engineers do by engaging with USF faculty in a variety of cutting-edge facilities. You’ll get hands-on experience with brain drones, robotics, 3D printing and modeling, integrative biology and interdisciplinary sciences. Work in groups to delve deeper into these areas by conducting a research project related to an area of interest in science and engineering. This is a seven-day residential program.

Leaders and Scholars: College Prep Program

Complete "learning quests" that require you to be a researcher, creative thinker, academic reader, scholarly writer, problem solver and effective leader. You'll utilize campus resources to complete mini-projects that will equip you with the skills to excel as first-time college student. The program culminates with a unique interactive colloquium where you will present your learning artifacts and research. This is a seven-day residential program.

Big Problems, "Mall Solutions"

Work with non-profit organizations in the University Mall to see how community partners help to address some of Tampa’s large-scale problems. You’ll actively work with these partners to propose solutions to large urban issues affecting the Tampa Bay area and metropolitan areas around the country. Serve as a civic leader while gaining skills in entrepreneurship, service learning and leadership. This is a six-day residential program.


Explore storytelling principles through the lens of filmmaking. You will study current works in film and identify and discuss meaning and theoretical approach, as well as learn about all aspects of the filmmaking process. Engage in creating your own films, culminating with a final cut screening and awards ceremony open to family and friends. This is a four-week program with commuter and residential options.


Learn the process of developing an advertising campaign from start to finish. You'll explore the creative process, design, consumer research and other aspects of advertising that will allow you to create advertisements in print, video and audio. Participate in field trips to visit local advertising and marketing companies and learn from industry partners. This is a six-day residential program.


Join the USF Whitehatters Cybersecurity Club (WCC) in this exciting camp just for girls! Compete in teams to solve concrete cybersecurity problems, including hands-on activities in blockchain security, mining of cryptocurrency and authentication, and Unix-based computing. Participants also will explore potential careers in cybersecurity and engage with current USF faculty, students, and industry experts.