Leaders and Scholars: College Preparatory Program

Leaders and Scholars
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  • Non Credit
  • Residential Only

Target Audience

  • Rising juniors and seniors in high school
  • Interested in college writing, college preparatory, leadership skills and entrepreneurship 


  • USF Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR)
  • USF Digital Media Commons
  • USF Writing Studio
  • USF Library
  • USF Center for Leadership & Civic Engagement
  • USF College of Arts and Sciences
  • USF St Petersburg STEM INQ Labs
  • Other Affiliates


During this seven-day academically-intensive college preparatory program, students will be challenged to complete several "learning quests" that require them to be critical researchers, creative thinkers, academic readers, scholarly writers, problem solvers and effective leaders working in collaboration with other like-minded students to earn digital badges that prove they have what it takes to succeed at a Preeminent university.
Students will access and utilize campus-based resources to complete several mini-projects that will equip them with skills to excel as first-time college students. Campus resources include the Academic Success Center, Digital Media Commons, USF Writing Studio and the Office of Undergraduate Research. Students also will have the opportunity for leadership development and career exploration through interactive visits to the Center for Leadership & Civic Engagement, College of Engineering, USF Health, College of Arts and Sciences and the Moffitt Cancer Center. In a collaborative effort toward university consolidation, we will expose students to resources at our USF St. Petersburg campus with visits to the STEM INQ Lab and nearby Dali Museum Innovation Labs. The program will culminate with a closing ceremony where students will hone their presentation skills by interacting with parents, USF faculty and administrators, and supporting partners from the community to present their learning artefacts and research in a unique interactive colloquium.

Learning Outcomes

  • Students will develop college-level reading and writing skills by completing several assignments such as an annotated bibliography, personal statement, a professional email to a faculty member and a practice college essay writing prompt.
  • Students will develop critical thinking skills, creativity and problem-solving skills by producing artefacts as evidence of their learning experiences and research topics.
  • Students will practice leadership skills through participation in several project-based team activities.
  • Students will reflect on their career exploration through the creation of a digital vision board.