STEM for Scholars


USF Pre-College STEM for Scholars 1


This four-week summer program is aimed at students entering grades 10-12 and prepares participants for academic and
college life while expanding horizons in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields.

To best support their learning, students will answer a series of academic history questions during the application process.
The program facilitator will then place students into one of two levels by grade and math experience.

Students will develop critical thinking and conceptual creativity through active, hands-on participation in all aspects of the
program, including student field trips to Kennedy Space Center and the USF Center for Advanced Medical Learning Simulations (USF CAMLS) in downtown Tampa.

This realistic college experience with input from multiple STEM fields culminates with an opportunity for students to
present their projects at the closing ceremony. Students also will receive a STEM for Scholars Certificate at the completion
of the program.


Students will engage in hands-on activity and instruction to:

All Students Courses

3-D Visualization in Research and Discovery

In this course, visualizations are used to reveal valuable insights across many disciplines including computer science, art & design, engineering, medicine, mathematics, geology and anthropology, to name a few. The course gives students an introduction into multiple areas of research computing, data science, machine learning, 3-D graphics and advanced technologies. Major concepts for researching and communicating with data are explored on technical and academic levels. Through various hands-on assignments, students will bolster interdisciplinary problem-solving skills while using computation and creativity as tools for interpreting, analyzing and presenting data. Utilizing advanced tool-sets for creating visualizations, students will learn best practices that can be used as the building blocks for research and careers in STEM.


In this class, students will go in search of new and never-before-discovered antibiotics. Using a series of lectures and laboratory-based exercises, students will receive exciting research-driven experiences. Students will learn to appreciate and understand cutting-edge biological research and the living world around us.

Unique Level 2 Courses


Complex Numbers and Euclidean Geometry

The course introduces students to some of the basic algebraic methods used in the study of the properties of geometric figures. Complex numbers are used to present some of the most interesting results in Euclidean geometry. The course will also explore applications of complex numbers in some non-Euclidean geometries.


This technology-oriented course provides an overview of the technical and practical background required to provide solutions to many cybersecurity problems. This background includes: binary/hex number systems, operating systems concepts, file systems, OSI model, network topologies and protocols. The material will be presented in the context of its necessity for providing cybersecurity solutions.

Unique Level 1 Courses

Mathematics: The Language of Science

This course deals with topics that include inductive and deductive reasoning, problem solving and solving with patterns, sets, applications of sets, logic, and the mathematics of graphs.

Programming and Software Development

Whether we are asking Alexa to turn on lights, looking up the news online or pressing the gas pedal of a car, we are interacting with software. This course introduces students to the basics of developing software, with a focus on web applications. Topics include: web page structure with semantic HTML5, well-designed cascading style riles with CSS and basic programming with JavaScript

Learning Outcomes


Program Dates

Program Cost

$1,950 for the commuter program or $3,450 for the residential program and includes:

All Students

Residential Students


Open to rising sophomores, juniors and seniors in high school.


Complete the Pre-College online application. We will notify you of our decision via email. Review the application process here.

Application Deadline

If you are interested in meeting priority consideration for scholarship decisions, you must submit your program application by March 24 and your scholarship application by March 31.