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USF President Steve Currall accepts APLU Award

University of South Florida Wins APLU’s 2019 Institutional Award for Global Learning, Research & Engagement

The Association of Public and Land-grant Universities (APLU), the national association for the leading 237 research universities in the United States, announced that the University of South Florida is the top winner of its 2019 Institutional Award for Global Learning, Research & Engagement.

The prestigious award, presented today during the APLU’s annual meeting in San Diego, distinguishes USF’s global leadership in international education, research and engagement.

“This is a significant honor that recognizes our commitment to being a global research university dedicated to student success,” said USF President Steve Currall. “Among the reasons that USF is the nation’s fastest-rising university is the priority we place on diversity and inclusivity and innovative learning and research that contribute to positive change.”

The Platinum Level award from APLU focuses on four areas of excellence: inclusivity, internationalization of research and engagement, leadership and pervasiveness, and assessment.

“Global engagement is essential to student and institutional success,” said APLU President Peter McPherson. “For years, the University of South Florida has distinguished itself through its excellent global engagement work and we’re delighted to spotlight the example it has set.

Members of USF Leadership pose with APLU Award

For the past decade, USF has demonstrated a profound focus on comprehensive internationalization. In 2010, USF World was founded to extend the global engagement of the university to all aspects of student, staff and faculty academic and research life. Today, USF is home to more than 4,600 international students traveling from over 140 countries.

Additionally, USF World launched an Education Abroad Inclusion Initiative in 2014, which has resulted in a 34 percent increase in study abroad participation among Latino students, a 49 percent increase among multi-racial students and a 55 percent increase among black students. The program has positively affected more than 1,000 Pell Grant-eligible students by providing over $1 million in scholarships, grants and financial assistance.

“USF has sought to create an authentic global campus environment where all students, staff and faculty, irrespective of their ethnic and cultural heritage, are warmly welcomed to the community and are empowered to engage in all aspects of campus life,” said Roger Brindley, USF Vice President for USF World.  “From our translational research that affects positive societal change around the world to our highly active international student organizations, USF is a model university for global higher education across the United States.”

Alongside student success, USF has rapidly expanded its globally engaged research and partnerships.  In 2017 and 2019, the university was the number one producer of faculty Fulbright awards in the United States, and within the past five years, 450 USF faculty have engaged in more than 2,000 research activities in over 170 international locations.

This is the second international award received by USF for its global work in 2019. In February, the Institute for International Education recognized USF with the Andrew Heiskell Award for Equity and Access in Higher Education.

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