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Colleagues at work

Too many – or too few – job demands can spoil a good night’s sleep

A new study by researchers at the University of South Florida reveals that the relationship between work demands and a good night’s rest is nuanced. Conventional wisdom that suggests that people with the most demanding jobs would have the most trouble sleeping isn't necessarily true.

November 29, 2022Research and Innovation

University of South Florida: A Preeminent Research University

Tampa Bay’s diverse-owned businesses experience growth, greater successes after completing USF mentoring program

Two dozen local businesses have completed the USF Mentor Protégé program, which provides businesses in the construction industry with training, development and partnership opportunities to help them grow their capacity and become more effective with competitive bidding processes.

November 28, 2022University News

Portrait of Joan “Sudsy” Tschiderer on the St. Petersburg campus

A campus fixture reflects on more than 50 years of memories at USF

In 1969, Joan “Sudsy” Tschiderer stumbled upon the USF St. Petersburg campus while on a shopping trip with her friend. At the time, the campus was located at the end of the Bayboro peninsula and was mostly a military base that had trained World War II servicemen.

November 22, 2022University News

Lab scene

USF Research & Innovation, Florida High Tech Corridor invest in undergraduate research across USF

Through the newly formed Undergraduate Research Initiative, more than 150 students will receive paid research engagements, training and opportunities to present their work.

November 21, 2022Research and Innovation, Student Success

present near computer

USF faculty experts say inflation, changes in shopping behavior make holiday spending tough to predict

This week traditionally kicks off the holiday shopping season, including Black Friday sales followed by Cyber Monday specials that drive some of the busiest retail activity of the year. But faculty experts from the University of South Florida say it could be difficult to predict what might happen.

November 21, 2022Research and Innovation

Eric Eisenberg

Eisenberg to take new role focused on strengthening USF’s community partnerships

In the new role, Eric Eisenberg, who currently serves as the University of South Florida’s interim provost and executive vice president, will use his 30 years of experience at USF and the strong ties he’s built within the Tampa Bay area to develop a cohesive and intentional strategy around the university’s community engagement activities.

November 16, 2022University News

Students stand near the Eiffel Tower

USF ranked among top universities for global education

According to a new report, USF remains the No. 1 destination in the state of Florida for international student enrollment and is ranked among the top 20 universities nationally for students studying abroad.

November 16, 2022University News

Pieces of wood damaged by termites

Termites are key wood decomposers and could play a significant role in future ecosystems

In an international study, USF researchers helped determine that termites are pivotal when it comes to breaking down wood, contributing to the earth's carbon cycle.

November 16, 2022Research and Innovation

shopping cart full of presents

USF faculty experts available for interviews on holiday trends, including shopping and travel

Expectations for the season: travel and toy costs up, COVID-19 could still impact availability of some items.

November 14, 2022Research and Innovation

Digital alibi

New USF patent creates digital alibis

The technology is the first of its kind to create and verify an unforgeable alibi that can be used in a variety of ways, including criminal justice.

November 14, 2022Research and Innovation

USF Dining employees scoop food on to plates for students in line.

USF Dining serves up educational international experiences

USF Dining Services celebrates the diversity of the USF community through its Tastes Around the World program. For some diners, it’s a taste of home, for others, it’s an educational opportunity to try something new.

November 14, 2022Campus Life, University News

Palm trees blowing in the wind

USF weather update

The University of South Florida is monitoring Tropical Storm Nicole and the possibility of any impacts to our region. USF business operations and classes will transition to remote only on Thursday, Nov. 10.

November 9, 2022University News

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