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A stock image of woman being vaccinated

Religion Associated with HPV Vaccination Rate for College Women

It’s been more than a decade since a vaccine was introduced to prevent contraction of human papillomavirus (HPV), the most common sexually transmitted disease in the U.S. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends patients start receiving the vaccine between ages 11 and 12, with catch-up vaccination recommended for certain groups through age 26. However, a new study conducted at the University of South Florida found many female college students have not been inoculated and religion may be a contributing factor.

USF researcher manipulates DNA to engineer E. coli for C1 conversion

Making Microbes that Transform Greenhouse Gases

Researchers at the University of South Florida are harnessing the power of human physiology to transform greenhouse gases into usable chemical compounds – a method that could help lessen industrial dependence on petroleum and reduce our carbon footprint.

A composite photo showing a lab setting with patent schematics over it.

National Academy of Inventors Selects Five USF Faculty as Senior Members

Five University of South Florida faculty members whose innovative work spans neurosciences to clean energy to engineering and pharmaceutical chemistry have been named by the National Academy of Inventors to its new class of Senior Members.

Robert Frisina, PhD, chair of the USF Medical Engineering Department and director of the USF Global Center for Hearing and Speech Research

Hearing Loss May Be Preventable with Development of New Drug

The first ever medication to treat age-related hearing loss could potentially receive FDA approval through a comprehensive study being conducted at the University of South Florida.

3D illustration of ovarian cancer

Nano-Delivered Therapy Inhibits Spread of Ovarian, Uterine Cancer Cells

Advanced ovarian and uterine cancers are deadly diseases. Ovarian cancers, in particular, present with vague symptoms common to other diseases, and often are not diagnosed until a late stage when cancer has spread throughout the abdomen.

USF and UF students attending the conference

Undergraduate Student Researchers Highlight Experience During National Conference

University of South Florida undergraduate students were part of the inaugural cohort of student leaders presenting at the national Council on Undergraduate Research's Undergraduate Research Programs Division Conference 2019, held in Columbus, OH in June.

A dendro coral colony

Supporting Research That’s Helping Save Our Oceans

Along U.S. Route 1, about halfway between Key Largo and Key West, sits an unassuming yet premiere research facility helping solve some of the most pressing threats facing the world’s marine ecosystems.

Pasco County Middle School teachers learning to identify mental health issues

USF Research Team Trains Middle School Educators in Identifying, Improving Student Mental Health Problems

To address the growing mental health needs of middle school students, USF researchers are partnering with Pasco County Schools to train teachers in how to identify and improve student mental health problems.

Older man lays awake in bed.

Men’s Health: Better Sleep, Less Swelling and Reduced Risk of Inflammation

Soomi Lee, PhD, assistant professor in the School of Aging Studies, published a study which examined whether systemic inflammation often found in patients with OA or RA is explained by poorer sleep health in the journal for Arthritis Care & Research.

A house sparrow

Light Pollution May Be Increasing West Nile Virus Spillover From Wild Birds

We’re in the midst of summertime mosquito bite season and cities across the country are reporting a heightened number of West Nile Virus (WNV) cases.

USF researchers working at the Dozier School for Boys

USF Researchers Find No Human Remains in First Phase of Investigation at Dozier Site

The Florida Department of State (DOS) and the University of South Florida (USF) announced that the USF research team led by Erin Kimmerle, PhD, concluded the first phase of its investigation of the 27 anomalies reported near the Dozier School for Boys and found no evidence of human remains.

USF researcher Tim Dixon in Greenland

“Hold the Door”: USF Geoscientists Discover Mechanisms Controlling Greenland Ice Sheet Collapse

Greenland’s more than 860,000 square miles are largely covered with ice and glaciers, and its melting fuels as much as one-third of the sea level rise in Florida. That’s why a team of University of South Florida geoscientists’ new discovery of one of the mechanisms that allows Greenland’s glaciers to collapse into the sea has special significance for the Sunshine State.

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