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Patriann Smith is photographed with her younger brother, David Smith, during a family visit to Soufriere.

USF College of Education assistant professor to establish Caribbean educational research center through $3.6 million grant

Patriann Smith has been awarded a three-year, $3.6 million grant from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) to establish an interdisciplinary educational research center to help support decision making and policy development for educational innovation and expansion in Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean.

April 19, 2021Research and Innovation

A computer model from the USF College of Marine Science's Ocean Circulation Lab showing where the wastewater may travel to.

Model from USF researchers forecasts fate of Piney Point wastewater

A computer model initially developed by the University of South Florida College of Marine Science to track red tide and ocean currents has quickly been adapted and is now being used to support the efforts to understand the transport, transformation and fate of contaminants in wastewater released into Tampa Bay from the retired Piney Point fertilizer plant.

April 14, 2021Research and Innovation

A vial of the Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine

NIH study of allergic reactions to Moderna, Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccines begins at USF Health

USF Health is participating in a National Institutes of Health clinical trial to determine whether highly allergic people or those with mast cell disorders are at greater risk for severe, immediate allergic reactions to the Moderna or Pfizer-BioNTech COVID vaccines. A mast cell disorder is caused by a type of white blood cell that is abnormal, overly active or both, predisposing a person to life-threatening reactions that resemble allergic reactions.

April 14, 2021COVID-19, Research and Innovation, USF Health

Food on a table

See before you smell: New study explains why you should look at your food before casting judgment

The order in which your senses interact with food has a tremendous impact on how much you like it. That’s the premise of a new study led by the University of South Florida (USF). The findings published in the “Journal of Consumer Psychology” show that food tastes better if you see it before smelling it.

April 14, 2021Research and Innovation

The R/V Weatherbird

USF leads first research cruise to study Piney Point’s environmental impact

A team of scientists from the University of South Florida College of Marine Science have embarked on the first research cruise in Tampa Bay dedicated to studying the environmental impacts of the recent breach at a retired fertilizer processing plant at Piney Point in Manatee County, Florida.

April 8, 2021Research and Innovation

Archaeology professor, Thomas Pluckhahn, shifts through soil samples with undergraduate student in Terra Ceia Preserve State Park.

USF archaeologists examine ancient response to climate change in Tampa Bay

USF archaeologists are examining two key sites along Tampa Bay’s shores to better understand the climate conditions that might have caused conflict over food resources among Native American societies. By using several archaeological methods, scientists are able to see a shift in how these estuaries were defended between 600 and 900 AD.

April 7, 2021Research and Innovation

A portrait of USF researcher Jerri Edwards

USF awarded five-year, $44.4 million NIH grant to test whether computerized brain training reduces dementia risk in older adults

The National Institutes of Health has awarded the University of South Florida total expected funds of $44.4 million over the next five years to study whether computerized brain training exercises can reduce the risk of mild cognitive impairment, and dementias like Alzheimer’s disease, in older adults.

April 6, 2021Research and Innovation, USF Health

A stock photo of an elderly African American person being helped by a health care worker

$2.5 million grant helping researchers improve health disparities in communities of color

University of South Florida researchers are undertaking a multi-year study designed to improve health outcomes and reduce hospital readmission for people of color managing chronic illnesses.

April 5, 2021Research and Innovation

Deep ocean floor sediments were collected from the South Atlantic Ocean by the Royal Research Ship (RRS) James Cook. Credit: Will Homoky

Deep sea sediments fuel the oceans

Iron, an essential nutrient for phytoplankton, is tough to find in the ocean. One liter of seawater contains 35 grams of salt but only around one billionth of a gram of iron.

April 1, 2021Research and Innovation

Waterfront at the USF St. Petersburg campus

USF advances action on climate planning with new grant funding

USF has been awarded a grant to help establish a university-wide greenhouse gas reduction goal, align sustainability priorities while tracking carbon emissions across all three campuses and combine efforts and resources that lead to a singular vision for achieving carbon neutrality.

March 29, 2021Honors and Awards, Research and Innovation, University News


Light pollution drives increased risk of West Nile virus

A new study from the University of South Florida is the first to provide direct evidence that light pollution is driving infectious disease patterns in nature.

March 24, 2021Research and Innovation

A graphic depiction of COVID-19 virus

Public Health research team finds chlorine dioxide gas 99.91% effective against COVID-19 virus

COVID-19 has taught us a lot of things. And one of the more important lessons has been the need for thorough, fast and effective disinfecting measures. A team of researchers from the USF College of Public Health’s Center for Environmental/Occupational Risk Analysis and Management set out to determine how effective commercially available chlorine dioxide gas products were in reducing COVID-19 viral loads on face masks and surfaces.

March 22, 2021Research and Innovation, USF Health

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