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A photograph of a woman pushing a cart in a grocery store

Grocery Stores and Other Retailers Forced to Cope with Consumer Demand during COVID-19 Outbreak

In normal times, shoppers browse the aisles of the grocery store, pick what they want or need, toss it into the cart and move on their way. They never consider the process it takes to get that product onto the shelf. But since the COVID-19 outbreak and spread, a greater importance and awareness has been placed on the pre-sale process known as supply chain management.

March 27, 2020Research and Innovation

Arias (left) and European Commission Joint Research Centre collaborator Fabio Farinosi (right) stand with the chief construction engineer of one of the Amazon dams investigated in Arias’ and Farinosi’s recent paper.

Research of USF Civil and Environmental Engineering professor in Sustainability Nature

Mauricio Arias, Ph.D., has spent the last decade conducting research into the effects of dams built on some of the most biodiverse rivers in the world, and his latest paper could help guide hydropower development in the Amazon.

March 26, 2020Research and Innovation

Digital renderings of the new research and innovation building at USF

USF Breaks Ground on New Research Park Innovation Building

Researchers, inventors and entrepreneurs will occupy the 120,000-square-foot building scheduled to open in fall 2021.

March 10, 2020Research and Innovation, University News

U.S. Army veteran Omar Duran competing in a hand-cycling competition

Engineering Solutions for America’s Heroes

A new partnership between the USF Center for Assistive, Rehabilitation and Robotics Technologies and nonprofit Quality of Life Plus is helping USF engineering students make a difference in the lives of local veterans.

March 9, 2020Research and Innovation

School lunch photo image by teen food insecurity study particpant, titled: The only fruit

USF Food Insecurity Study Prompts Changes to Local School Lunch Program

Low-income teenagers were more likely to eat cheese sandwiches during school lunch and be bullied because of it according to a recent study conducted by USF researchers. The study was designed to learn about the ways in which teens face food scarcity and on what changes they would like to see.

March 9, 2020Research and Innovation

An image of an eye exam taking place

New Method Gives Glaucoma Researchers Control Over Eye Pressure

Neuroscientists at the University of South Florida have become the first to definitively prove pressure in the eye is sufficient to cause and explain glaucoma. They come to this conclusion following the development of a method that permits continuous regulation of pressure without damaging the eye.

February 24, 2020Research and Innovation

Students watching the democratic debate

USF Collects Biometric Data to Measure Impressions of Democratic Presidential Debate

Thirty-five University of South Florida students and faculty members participated in a first-of-its-kind experiment during Wednesday night’s Democratic presidential debate.

February 20, 2020Research and Innovation

An overhead photo of someone working on schematic drawings

USF Engineering Institute Awarded Contract with U.S. Special Operations Command Worth up to $85 Million

The University of South Florida Institute of Applied Engineering and U.S. Special Operations Command have entered into a new contract that paves the way for researchers and students to collaborate with SOCOM to help solve significant challenges facing the nation.

February 19, 2020Research and Innovation

Stock photo of a man holding a graphic rendering of a brain

Variety and Consistency are Essential to Keep the Mind Healthy

For many adults, the mid-30’s is a busy time. There’s often career advancement, the start of a new family and associated responsibilities. It’s also a critical time for how we diversify our days in order to stay up to speed. A new study from the University of South Florida finds a key piece to maintaining cognitive function throughout adulthood is to engage in diverse activities regularly.

February 18, 2020Research and Innovation

This 3D laser scan of Robles Park Village shows the location of grave-shaped objects (shown in blue) beneath the surface and is made from GPR data from FPAN USF and T2 Utility Engineers. Historical maps were also used to locate the boundaries of Zion Cemetery. [Image courtesy of Cardno and T2 Utility Engineers]

USF Works with Local Community to Uncover the Legacies of Those Forgotten

The University of South Florida and Florida Public Archaeology Network (FPAN) are working with local officials and community members to rediscover unmarked graves and identify those forgotten there.

February 14, 2020Research and Innovation

Lead author Dr. Anni Djurhuus (right) from the University of the Faroe Islands (formerly USF College of Marine Science) and coauthor Dr. Enrique Montes (USF College of Marine Science) manage the Rosette water sampler. All scientists need to perform a marine eDNA study of this sort is about a liter of water.

eDNA Used to Track Marine Biodiversity Over Time in a Research First

Just as the eyes are the window to the soul, a liter of seawater can be a window to all life in a region of the sea—revealing organisms from microbes to mammals. Or at least pretty close, says a team from the USF College of Marine Science that recently reported a promising pilot study in Nature Communications.

February 13, 2020Research and Innovation

Deepwater Horizon: 10 Years Later Impact on the Gulf's Marine Ecosystem Persists

Top 10: University of South Florida & C-IMAGE Consortium Reveal Significant Takeaways from Deepwater Horizon Oil Disaster Research During International Conference

After nearly ten years of research, thousands of international scientists are revealing their findings on the effects of the Deepwater Horizon (DWH) oil spill.

February 5, 2020Research and Innovation

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