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USF College of Marine Science Senior Research Ocean Engineer Clifford Merz

USF College of Marine Science’s Clifford Merz Named Senior Member of National Academy of Inventors

The National Academy of Inventors has named USF College of Marine Science Senior Research Ocean Engineer Clifford R. Merz as one of its new senior members in recognition of his achievements in inventing marine-based renewable energy technology.

August 11, 2020Research and Innovation

Daniel Yeh and his team pose for photo next to their invention, the Organic Process Assembly

NASA testing USF technology for possible use on the moon

A technology created at USF could help enable the establishment of a permanent presence on the moon. Civil and Environmental Engineering Professor Daniel Yeh has been collaborating with NASA to develop a system that converts human waste into fertilizer and water, which would allow astronauts to grow fresh vegetables in space in a more sustainable way.

August 10, 2020Research and Innovation

onsumers significantly underestimate their risk level of flooding, leading many to forego flood insurance, according to a national survey.

Flood awareness survey developed by USF professor finds public minimizes risk of flooding, resulting in low demand for flood insurance

A national survey of flood risk awareness conducted by the University of South Florida Institute for Data Analytics and Visualization and Neptune Flood finds that consumers significantly underestimate their risk level of flooding, leading many to forego flood insurance.

August 10, 2020Research and Innovation

Five USF professors have been inducted as members of the Academy of Science, Engineering and Medicine of Florida.

Five USF Faculty Elected 2020 Members of the Academy of Science, Engineering & Medicine of Florida

The Academy of Science, Engineering and Medicine of Florida have selected five University of South Florida professors as new members in recognition of their accomplishments, exceptional research achievements, and high-impact contributions to advancing science, engineering and medicine.

August 5, 2020Research and Innovation

Team MERA during the epidemiological survey training at the Costa Rican Water and Sewage Authority’s Water Laboratory.

USF partner in Costa Rica launches the country’s first program to detect coronavirus in wastewater

With more than 5,000 beach surveys, 500 behavioral observations, and 80 interviews to digest, and water quality data to crunch, it was time to celebrate this phase of their NSF-funded coastal health study called MERA, which included several trainings by the USF team to help their colleagues get up to speed on a suite of environmental monitoring techniques.

July 29, 2020Research and Innovation

iDistance wristband device

A new use for USF tech that predicts falls for the elderly: social distancing

Sensor system pioneered at USF to protect the frail elderly also can ensure employees maintain safe social distance at work in the age of COVID-19.

July 22, 2020Research and Innovation

The university will invest $500,000 to support interdisciplinary projects with a goal to foster anti-racism, build community partnerships

USF launches research initiative to better understand and address racism in local, national and international communities

The university will invest $500,000 to support interdisciplinary projects with a goal to foster anti-racism, build community partnerships.

July 20, 2020Research and Innovation, University News

Drone mapping mosquito habitats over marshland in Manatee County. Photo by Zachary Murray

Using drone mapping to identify mosquito habitats in Manatee County

Traditional mosquito abatement programs, which generally call for the spraying of insecticides across widespread areas via helicopters, can be expensive and imprecise. Manatee County, looking for a more effective and less-costly strategy to combat flood water or “nuisance” mosquitos, turned to experts at the USF College of Public Health who’ve researched and used drone technology in combatting malaria-carrying mosquitos in parts of Africa and Asia.

July 14, 2020Research and Innovation, USF Health

A graphic showing a nutrition label along with a measuring tape

New recommendations: People with high cholesterol should eliminate carbs, not saturated fat

For decades, people diagnosed with familial hypercholesterolemia have been instructed to minimize their consumption of saturated fats to lower cholesterol and reduce their risks of heart disease. But a new study published in the prestigious journal “BMJ Evidence-Based Medicine” found no evidence to support those claims.

July 6, 2020Research and Innovation

A stock photo of people protesting

The power of protest

USF expert discusses the significance of past and present social movements and their impact on society.

June 25, 2020Research and Innovation

USF Distinguished Health Professor Shyam Mohapatra

USF Distinguished Health Professor Shyam Mohapatra awarded Florida Academy of Science 2020 medal

Award recognizes pioneering career achievements in nanotechnology, drug development and personalized medicine.

June 22, 2020Honors and Awards, Research and Innovation, USF Health

USF audiologists wearing facemasks designed for the hearing impaired

USF audiologists address COVID-19 challenges for the hearing impaired with new face masks

Face masks have dramatically changed the way many of us communicate in public. The CDC recommends we wear them to prevent against the spread of COVID-19. That extra layer of protection does have a few side effects, especially for the hearing impaired. Face masks can reduce sound by as much as 12 decibels and block one’s facial expressions from being seen.

June 18, 2020Research and Innovation

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