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Update on USF’s Strategic Plan: Next Steps

Dear USF faculty and staff,

In June, USF released a 10-year strategic plan, articulating our university’s strategic initiatives and institutional core commitments and reaffirming USF’s aspirations of becoming a Top-25 public research university with eligibility for membership in the Association of American Universities.

The bold plan reflects a great deal of time, effort and input over the spring semester from you and members of the USF community and provides a blueprint to focus USF’s momentum as one of the nation’s fastest-rising universities with respect to research productivity, student success and positive impact on the communities we serve.

As we prepare a glidepath for USF’s next president, it is critical that our plan includes clear measures of accountability to our university community and the Florida Board of Governors.

As such, USF Board of Trustees Chair Will Weatherford has asked that I appoint a Strategic Plan Steering Committee to review the strategic plan and incorporate strategies, tactics, measurable outcomes, and responsible parties to assure a robust future path for USF.

The intention is not to significantly change the current plan but to build in metrics to ensure measurable outcomes for accountability and progress-tracking as expected by the Board of Governors.

I’m pleased to announce the members of Steering Committee:

  • Pritish Mukherjee, Co-chair; Vice Provost and Associate Vice President Strategic Talent Recruitment, University Reputation and Impact; Professor, Department of Physics
  • Theresa Chisolm, Co-chair; Vice Provost for Strategic Planning, Performance and Accountability
  • Anthony Rolle, Dean, College of Education
  • Charles Stanish, Professor of Anthropology, College of Arts and Sciences; Executive Director, Institute for the Advanced Study of Culture and the Environment
  • Melanie Riedinger Whitmore, Professor, Department of Integrative Biology, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Moez Limayem, Lynn Pippenger Dean, Muma College of Business
  • Paige Geers, Acting Chief of Staff
  • Usha Menon, Senior Associate Vice President, USF Health; Dean, College of Nursing
  • Zacharias Pieri, Associate Professor of International Relations and Security Studies, School of Interdisciplinary Global Studies, College of Arts and Sciences

Specifically, the Steering Committee is asked to focus its work on:

  • Incorporating clear goals and measurable outcomes for the core commitments already identified in the plan; 
  • Consulting and collaborating with university stakeholders including the deans, faculty, staff, students and alumni;
  • Assessing feedback and incorporating adjustments to the plan as necessary.

The committee’s process will include engagement with stakeholders, and you can expect town halls to be offered in the coming months. We plan to seek the Board of Governors’ approval of the plan in the coming months.

Chair Weatherford and I are grateful to the members of the Strategic Planning Advisory Task Force and all the members of our community for your thoughtful and hard work to shape the future of USF. Our next steps will build on your substantial efforts and enhance our ability to measure USF’s success.

Thank you in advance for your continued support.

President Law

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