Academic Program

Sustainable Business CONCENTRATION

Concentration Director :

Dr. Pradeep Haldar

Director of Sustainable Business Concentration

Dr Pradeep Haldar

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Concentration Description:

The M.A. in Global Sustainability concentration in Sustainable Business will provide a foundation for designing sustainable organizations and businesses. Organizations and businesses from all sectors need to develop sustainable practices and models to minimize their environmental footprint and maximize their social responsibility to all stakeholders to meet the requirements of a sustainable, low carbon economy. The goal of this concentration is to provide participants with the knowledge, literacy, skills and tools they need to create more sustainable organizations.

Concentration Courses:

  • GEB 6457 Ethics, Law and Sustainable Business Practices (Credit Hours: 3)
  • IDS 6239 Principles of Six Sigma for Sustainability (Credit Hours: 3)

Choose one of the following courses:

  • GEB 6930 Environmental Law and Issues (Credit Hours: 3)
  • IDS 6707 Envisioning Sustainability: Tools for 21st Century Communicators of Sustainability Science (Credit Hours: 3)
  • MAR 6336 Promotional Management (Credit Hours: 3)
  • SCM 6006 Supply Chain Management (Credit Hours: 3)

Course Descriptions

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