Funding your College Degree

Pursuing a graduate degree often comes with financial challenges, and we are dedicated to helping you realize your educational aspirations. Below, we outline how you can secure funding opportunities for your graduate studies:

Scholarships and fellowships

USF Fellowships and Scholarships:

At USF, there are numerous scholarship and fellowship opportunities available to our students. You can explore these options by visiting the USF Scholarship Database or the USF Foundation Scholarships page. Here, you can discover and apply for various funding opportunities that can support your academic journey.

PCGS Scholarships and Fellowships:

PCGS offers a range of scholarships and fellowships designed to assist students in financing their education. These opportunities are regularly updated on our website to keep you informed about the latest funding options. Moreover, as a part of our program, you'll gain access to environmental and sustainability-related scholarships and opportunities that are exclusive to our students.

 Graduate Assistantships:

While we currently do not have open positions for graduate assistantships within PCGS, you may find positions in various departments across USF. Exploring these assistantships is worth the effort, as they can provide valuable financial support during your studies.

Additionally, USF provides numerous opportunities for admitted students to apply for additional funding, which can be found on the Office of Financial Aid's website. Once admitted, activating your USF NetID and email will grant you access to the scholarship application, allowing you to apply for these opportunities.

Cost of attendance

For the most accurate estimate for your cost of attendance, kindly view the Office of Admission's Cost of Attendance page for Graduate Students.

Cost of Attendance

exploring jobs

We also recommend being proactive in seeking financial assistance and exploring job opportunities. USF offers various resources through our career services connections, where you can explore job listings, internships, career fairs, and more by registering on Handshake:

Career Services for Students:

USF Career Services

Handshake (Job and Internship Platform):

USF Handshake

PCGS Job Fairs webpage

Job Fairs

By dedicating time and effort to explore these resources and seize the available opportunities, you'll significantly enhance your chances of securing the necessary funding to support your educational journey.