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Student Spotlight: Angela Fama

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Angela Fama is a graduate student at the Patel College of Global Sustainability pursuing a Master’s in Sustainable Business with a certificate in Climate Adaptation and Mitigation. Furthermore, Angela is the President of GLOBE, or the Global Leaders Outreach for a Better Environment, an action and outreach organization originated at PCGS.

From an early age, Angela has established an enthusiasm for wildlife and environmental sustainability. Spending time at the Sawgrass Springs Nature Center and Wildlife Hospital, young Angela soon developed a unique perspective about keystone animals, species, and different ecosystems. Her compassion for nature and environmental conservation continues into adulthood. “The firsthand experience at the Riverhills Community Garden and my internship with the Coalition of Community Gardens cultivated my interest in gardening and a dream for a plot of land to grow my own food”, said the GLOBE President.

At GLOBE, Angela wishes to give students the opportunity to explore sustainability solutions at Rosebud Continuum, volunteer with various groups, and advocate for environmental change. GLOBE pursues the mission of “greening” the USF Tampa campus and the Greater Tampa Bay area through education and implementation of solutions to mitigate the effects of climate change. “Currently, we are working on several project proposals for the Student Green Energy Fund, including a food forest, a student thrift store ‘Thrift-a-bull’, a solar carport, and improved recycling initiatives. Additionally, we are planning our second Sustain-a-bull Symposium at the USF Botanical Gardens to celebrate Earth Day!”, said Angela .

Angela is currently working for the City of Tampa’s Green Team, an environmental stewardship program launched in partnership with AmeriCorps and Volunteer Florida to reduce litter, plant trees to preserve Tampa’s tree canopy, educate others on climate change, and more. Being a great talent in sustainability, Angela aims to pursue a career in local government to continue protecting the environment utilizing the knowledge and experience she attained through PCGS programs.

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