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10th Year Anniversary Celebration Media Gallery


  • Student Ambassador converting gas grill to biogas grill

  • Associate Dean Dr. Joseph Dorsey grilling plant-based impossible burgers

  • Associate Dean, Dr. George Philippidis playing soccer with PCGS students

  • Rosebud Continuum Co-Founder, Maryann Bishop, alongside Communications and Marketing Officer Carol Blair on the grill 

  • Picnic attendees getting their meals

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Awards Dinner

  • Dean Govindan Parayil with Awardee Sylvia Earle

  • Awards Ceremony

  • Dr. George Philippidis, Mayor Jane Cator and Assistant Director, Administrative and Business Services, Shirley Boyd

  • Awards Dinner

  • PCGS Faculty, Staff, Alumni and Student alongside Sylvia Earle

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Sustainability Conference

  • Faculty Panel

  • Conference Attendees

  • Dr. George Philippidis alongside Alumni Brian Pullen and J.C. Milam

  • Tampa Bay Green Team

  • Attendees with Baloon Arc

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Reception Night

  • Alumni Group Photo

  • Dr. George Philippidis and Angela Fama, Alumnus

  • Dr. Thomas Henry (T.H.) Culhane and J.C. Milam

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