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Amy and Michael Drake Scholarship Winner: Daniel Bianco

Daniel Bianco

Daniel Bianco, upcoming PCGS Sustainability Policy concentration graduate, has been named the recipient of our annual Amy and Michael Drake Scholarship. Daniel's application stood out due to his understanding and innovative approach towards tackling climate change and its consequences, particularly focusing on the critical issue of sea-level rise. Daniel's proposal highlights the threat posed by rising sea levels, emphasizing the vulnerability of coastal areas like the Tampa Bay region. With a clear vision, he outlines a comprehensive strategy based on scientific research and government policies to address the challenges head-on.

I believe Sustainability Policy is a smart, detailed way to bring changes to our society.

The first step in Daniel's plan involves monitoring coastal zones and flooding through advanced satellite technologies, to accurately map and manage vulnerable areas. This initiative aims to support coastal planning and infrastructure resilience against the rising tides. Daniel further advocates for the forecasting of coastal flooding to aid in the development of emergency preparedness and resource allocation strategies. By predicting and planning for future challenges, he believes we can mitigate the socio-economic and environmental impacts of climate-induced disasters. As a Sustainability Policy concentration student, he believes that implementing safe, and effective policies can drastically improve our society. 

As a more concrete approach, Daniel suggests the construction of coastal defense structures inspired by successful models like those in the Netherlands. This approach not only aims to protect natural shorelines but also introduces innovative solutions, such as the cultivation of salt-tolerant crops, to adapt and thrive in changing environments.

Daniel's forward-thinking proposals reflect his commitment to environmental stewardship. His achievement in winning the Amy and Michael Drake Scholarship is a testament to his potential to make significant contributions towards Global Sustainability.

About the Amy and Michael Drake Scholarship Fund

The Amy & Michael Drake Student Scholarship Fund is dedicated to supporting the financial needs of students engaged in a Master of Science or Master of Arts degree in Global Sustainability at the Patel College of Global Sustainability. 

Based in Sarasota, Amy and Michael Drake have had a life-long interest in environmental conservation. This fund is dedicated to supporting the future leaders that are focusing on our most pressing challenges, especially those magnified by the effects of climate change. By empowering the next generation of climate change activists, Amy and Michael Drake hopes to make a positive impact on the region. 

Daniel Bianco Accepts Amy and Michael Drake Scholarship

Daniel Bianco Accepts Amy and Michael Drake Scholarship

Dean Govindan Parayil, Drakes and Daniel

Dean Govindan Parayil, Amy Drake, Daniel Bianco, Michael Drake (L-R)

State of Sustainability Discussions

State of Sustainability Discussions at scholarship luncheon

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