Research & Initiatives

Water & Wastewater Treatment Systems

Appropriate Technologies for Water & Wastewater Treatment


 Globally close to 1 billion people do not have access to safe drinking water and more than 2.6 billion lack appropriate sanitation, mostly in developing countries. This has led to widespread challenges of public health and environmental pollution. Our research focuses on the development of appropriate and low-cost technologies relevant at household and community levels.

  • Advance the design and performance of biosand filter technology for household water treatment.
  • Biological processes for water and wastewater treatment.


The impact of climate change on critical infrastructure is threatening sustainable delivery of services. In the case of water supply systems climate change impacts the quantity and quality aspects and this may impact millions of people globally. Variability in precipitation and increased temperature will impact availability of water supply and quality of water sources. Our research focuses in the understanding of the impact of climate change on the water resources availability, quality of water resources, performance of treatment plants and water quality in the distribution system. This research considers some case studies in the Tampa Bay area to understand the challenges and develop recommendations for robust planning.