Startup Companies

Startup Companies

At the Office of Technology Transfer, one of our primary goals is to foster the growth of new businesses based on University of South Florida research. We work with inventors, entrepreneurs, and investors to create successful transitions from innovation to new enterprise.

Below is a list of USF startup businesses that have grown from USF technology.

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Ascend Manufacturing

Ascend Manufacturing has developed a new 3D printing technology that offers the quick turnaround times and geometric freedom gained with 3D printing while also adding in the ability to provide mass production.



BioReNEW Inc. is a CleanTech startup dedicated to addressing global grand challenges in water, energy, food and sanitation by accelerating nature in a compact bioengineered platform. The company's patented NEWgenerator technology generates nutrients, energy, and water by safely recovering them from wastewater.


CL Chemical Company

CL Chemical Company is developing a process for converting industrial waste gasses to renewable fuels and chemicals. The company’s focus is to re-purpose CO2 from a pollutant to a feedstock, based on a novel process developed at the University of South Florida.



Tampa, FL
CvergenX, Inc. is an early stage advanced diagnostic services company that was founded to provide personalized medicine tools for the field of radiation oncology. The Company's Intervene XRT testing platform applies genomic analysis to predict a tumor's response to radiation and to assist the oncologist in determining the optimal level of radiation dosing. CvergenX joins a growing group of personalized medicine companies that are applying genomics-basis analysis to clinical practice to enable a more personalized and accurate approach to patient care.


Disruptive Nutrition, LLC

Burlington, NC
By advancing novel approaches that target whole body metabolism, our mission at Disruptive Nutrition is to provide high quality nutrition products backed by scientific evidence to support health and wellness. Disruptive Nutrition develops products formulated to not only promote health, but also boost the body's own ability to combat disease in rare genetic disorders. We strive to work with researchers at the cutting edge of truly disruptive innovation, and then design products that meet the unique needs and qualities of the patient.














Elutispray, LLC is focused on the treatment of Covid-19 infection and antimicrobial coatings for PPE and high touch surfaces. 

IBIS Therapeutics LLC

Tampa, FL
IBIS Therapeutics, LLC is a company committed to providing innovative healthcare services. IBIS offers a range of health technologies, including biotech sensor systems, pathogen detection and identification services.







Keri Cure

Tampa, FL
KeriCure, Inc. is a medical device company that specializes in research and development of topical products with a focus on wound care.




Riverview, FL
Lawbec Innovations, LLC is a company dedicated to developing mobile health innovations and technology. These advancements are directed to benefit and improve the health of patients with chronic diseases.



Looshes Lab

Tampa, FL
Looshes Labs Skate, LLC
has designed and created a skateboard and longboard with built in storage. Items such as tablet computers, smart phones, wallet, keys, and any other personal accessories fit easily and safely inside. Each board is handmade and must pass through several stages of quality control. Looshes Labs is the only company that has been licensed this technology for manufacturing and distribution.

MegaNano BioTech, Inc


Tampa, FL
MegaNano BioTech's purpose is to develop best immunotherapies for neurodegenerative disease and cancers including vaccine, antibodies. Our services are antigen identification, ELISA kit development, diagnostic antibodies development.

MMD Technologies


MMD Technologies, LLC has developed an efficient method for delivering therapeutic or prophylactic agents either in the form of proteins or plasmid DNA (genes) for the purposes of vaccination and therapy for indications such as cancer, cardiovascular, wounds and infectious diseases.

Modulation Therapeutics

Tampa, FL
Modulation Therapeutics is an early stage biotech company dedicated to the cost-effective advancement of first in class molecules to improve patient outcomes in unmet medical needs such as relapsed multiple myeloma and AML two hematopoietic tumors characterized by homing to the bone marrow and solid tumors that metastasize to the bone including lung, breast and prostate.

Moterum, Inc.

Moterum, Inc. - The gait enhancing mobile shoe (GEMS) alters the wearer's gait by causing one foot to move backward during the stance phase while walking over ground. No external power is required since the shoe mechanically converts the wearer's downward and horizontal forces into a backward motion. This shoe allows a patient to walk over ground while experiencing the same gait altering effects as felt on a split-belt treadmill, which should aid in transferring the corrected gait to walking in natural environments.


NeuroEM Therapeutics

Scottsdale, AZ

The company focuses on medical devices, namely, transcranial electromagnetic treatment devices. The primary goal of NeuroEM Therapeutics is to clinically test and market TEMT as an effective prevention and treatment against Alzheimer's disease.


PolyMaterials App

PolyMaterials App, LLC employs breakthrough supercapacitor technology to develop flexible, low cost, high energy density and long life cycles based solid state supercapacitor suited for consumer electronics, aerospace & defense, toys and medical devices. The solid-state supercapacitor shows high specific capacitance and has stability in wide temperature range.



Melbourne, VIC
Prescient Therapeutics
(PTX) is a clinical stage oncology company developing novel compounds that show great promise as potential new therapies to treat a range of solid and hematological cancers. The Company's novel compounds inhibit key tumor survival pathways, inhibiting cancer growth and overcoming resistance to prior therapies.


Primack & Associates

Deltona, FL
Primack & Associates, LLC is currently developing the Dynamic Alphabet (DynA) Phonics Reading Software System. DynA utilizes a patented technology to animate and articulate phonic sounds, making it challenging, entertaining, engaging, and fun for children learning to read.


PTC Therapeutics

Cambridge, MA
PTC Therapeutics is advancing innovative DNA therapeutics designed to provide long-term efficacy for patients with debilitating, often fatal, rare genetic diseases that affect the central nervous system.



Tampa, FL

Saneron is a biotechnology R&D company, focused on neurological and cardiac cell therapy for the early intervention and treatment of several devastating or deadly diseases, which lack adequate treatment options.


SenserTec, Inc.

SenserTec, Inc. is developing a point of care biosensor for cancer markers, eliminating the need of sending samples to diagnostic labs.


TransGenex Nanobiotech, Inc

Tampa, FL
TransGenex Nanobiotech, Inc. is a Florida-based biotechnology company dedicated to discovering and developing nanoparticle formulations and nano-encapsulation methods for use against novel targets to treat acute and chronic lung diseases and cancers. Current products include Chitosan Nanoparticles, Magnetic Nanoparticles, Hybrid Particles (polymer-magnetic), Functionalized Nanoparticles, and an HIV diagnostic kit.

Trash 2 Cash-Energy

Tampa, FL

Trash 2 Cash-Energy has over twenty years of experience in the catalysis industry and is focused on taking landfill gas to liquid fuel. Catalytic production of renewable feedstock to energy is at the heart of our company's interest.