Join The Community

USF Esports exists in a variety of places! If you are looking to get involved, here's how you can join in on the action and find your esports community!

  1. Join The Stampede

      Getting involved with the USF's Esports program looks different for everyone!

      Some will play. Others will watch. There will be those that create. Those that share. There's a place for everyone.

      The information below will help you get started!

      Tune into our Livestreams on Twitch!

      Check out the official USF Esports Discord Server!

  • A "live streaming platform for gamers and the things we love". Twitch is where you go to watch both our live and pre-recorded games and tournaments.

  • An Esports-focused communications platform, leveraging voice and text, that allows our community to connect. Discord is free to use and will be the primary way we share news about our programs and upcoming tournaments. It's a great first step.

  • Want to stay up-to-date on all things clubs? Connect with us on our Bullsconnect for special events and join our Esports clubs!