Living Lab



Last Update: September 1, 2023


The USF Esports Lab can be found at The FIT, upstairs in Room 205. This room and personnel are managed by USF Esports, housed underneath Sports Programs of Recreation & Wellness.


  1. The USF FIT Esports Lab is open to all currently enrolled USF students and USF faculty/staff with a valid USF ID during scheduled open hours.
  2. Users of the Esports Lab must always comply with all staff directives and all other departmental, university, state, and federal policies, including the technology use policies of USF (no installation of program on computers, etc.).
  3. The Lab PCs are to be used for approved gaming purposes only, all other uses prohibited.
  4. All lab equipment, including hardware, peripherals, furniture, etc. is not to be removed from the lab for any reason.
  5. No food or beverages are allowed into the Esports Lab except for water. Water must be in a sealed, leak-proof container. Consumption of alcohol or other substances is strictly prohibited.
  6. Bags and personal belongings must always be stored under the desk or at a staff designated location and out of the way.
  7. Personal gear (including but not limited to) peripherals, backpacks, etc. must not show discriminatory or profane decals.
  8. Demonstrate respect for equipment and personnel – no toxicity allowed.
  9. All participants must adhere to both USF Student Code of Conduct and Recreation & Wellness Codes of Conducts, including but not limited to the following directive:
    1. Treat Sports Programs and Recreation & Wellness Staff with respect.
    2. Act with character and courtesy while respecting the rights, welfare and dignity of all others in the Esports facility.
    3. Refrain from vulgar language and offensive conduct.
    4. Act in a safe, responsible manner regarding equipment, self, and others.
    5. Contact a member of the Sports Programs Staff should an accident, injury, or related incident occur.
    6. During emergency situations, follow the direction of USF Recreation & Wellness Staff.
  10. Gaming sessions will be capped to the amount of time reserved. Failure to adhere to these time limits may result in disciplinary action.Users will be limited to two (2) sessions per day - Four (4) hours max.
  11. No new games should be started that may exceed the amount of time reserved or the closing of the lab - Thirty (30) minutes recommended.
  12. Be sure to log out of all game accounts before leaving your station.


USF Esports and Recreation & Wellness will use a three-strike discipline system for the FIT Esports lab. The details of the system follow as below:

Strike One:
Verbal Warning by Sports Programs Staff and Email Confirmation of 1st Strike.
Strike Two:
Verbal Warning by Sports Programs Staff, Email Confirmation of 2nd Strike, and loss of lab access for 1 week.
Strike Three:
Immediate removal from Lab, Email Confirmation of 3rd Strike, and loss of Lab privileges for the remainder of the academic year.

Strikes can be given by Sports Programs Staff for any of the following: 

  • Disruptive behavior as described in the USF Esports Lab Policies.
  • Missing a reservation by not showing up during the reserved time (resulting in half (0.5) of a strike).
  • Playing over your allotted reservation time.
  • Defying any of the USF Esports Lab Policies.
  • Not following instructions of the USF Sports Programs Staff.
  • Any other action deemed punishable by USF Sports Programs Staff.

USF Sports Programs reserves the right to bypass these policies if deemed necessary by USF Recreation & Wellness Professional Staff.