Living Lab

REC Living Lab Updates

The usf esports living lab

With The FIT Esports Lab being an interim space, our true visions for USF Esports are underway!

Located at the Campus Recreation Center (REC), the USF Esports Living Lab will be the host of tournaments, game nights, and more!

  1. Construction Timeline

    1. USF Esports Founded


      USF Esports was formally created, being housed underneath USF Recreation & Wellness, with the backing of the USF Student Government, University System, and external stakeholders.

    2. Finalized Schematics

      September 2021

      Rendering of the USF Esports Lab

      After many iterations, layouts, locations, and design choices, USF Esports finalized the full plans for the USF Esports Living Lab, located at the Campus Recreation Center (REC).

    3. FIT Esports Interim Lab Opens

      September 2023

      With the funding and outreach portion of the main Living Lab underway, USF Esports sought out temporary locations to host an interim lab, where students on campus could walk in and game at a moment's notice. Crowned the FIT Esports Lab, this provisional space hosts 16 high-end PCs, with the ability to reserve a slot ahead of time to always guarantee a student a spot!

    4. Living Lab Construction Begins

      Oct. 10, 2023

      Construction is underway, with crews on-site and working to demo and remove the old bones of the room for the future USF Esports Living Lab.

    5. Interior Walls Going Up

      Oct. 20, 2023

      Starting from the bottom, and going up, construction crews lifted up the interior walls for the private studio space and broadcast booth, as well as reinforcement along the perimeter of the room. Out with the old, and in with the new!

    6. Bottom Floor: HVAC, Drywall, Home of Winners

      Dec. 5, 2023

      A picture of the interior of the lab, with drywall and HVAC visible

      With drywall lining the walls, the flow and structure of the room is now plain as day, ready to host events, watch parties, club nights, tournaments, and more!

    7. Esports Living Lab Opens

      Stay Tuned! 👀

      The provided timeline puts USF Esports cutting the ribbon closer than you think! Stay tuned for updates on the USF Esports Living Lab in Spring 2024!